The ultimate authority in the World Curling Federation is held by the Member Associations through General Meetings and the approval of the Constitution.

The Member Associations elect the President and Board to lead the organisation, which they do through the development of a Strategic Forward Plan and the approval of appropriate Policy documents.

The Board appoint a full time Secretary General to lead the staff and operations of the Federation and deliver the Forward Plan.

The work of the Federation is supported by a number of Commissions who provide advice and support to the Board and staff and if requested can report direct to the Member Associations at General Meetings.

Commissions are appointed by the Board with the exception of the Athlete Commission who are directly elected by the athletes.

Strategic plan

The World Curling Federation’s The Way Forward Plan and The Way Forward 2022 Update outlines a global vision for curling and underpins the work carried out by the organisation. 

Constitution and policy documents 

The World Curling Federation implements a robust governance structure of which information can be found here. 


There are seven World Curling Federation commissions. They are the athlete, competition and rules, finance, governance, Hall of Fame induction, technical and zonal commissions.

At the 2020 General Assembly, a Nominations Committee was approved by the Member Associations with the remit of soliciting and reviewing nominations for vacancies on the Board.

Maximising the Value Working Group

The Maximising The Value Working Group was set up following the World Curling Federation Annual General Assembly in 2019, with the aim of looking at how to increase the interest in curling beyond the current traditional audiences both on and offline.

Sustainability Working Group

The World Curling Federation Board confirmed the creation of the Sustainability Working Group (SWG) in February 2023. The working group’s responsibility is to propose strategies, policies, rules and recommendations that empower the World Curling Federation and its Member Associations to implement sustainability best practices and actions in alignment with the Federation’s strategic commitments and goals.

Rules and regulations

The Rules of Curling and other relevant documentation regarding elite competition.

Specifications for brushes in elite curling

Vital information for athletes, officials and curling organisation’s about brushes in elite competition.

Annual General Assembly and Board meetings

Annual General Assembly papers and board meetings minutes can be found here.

Annual Reviews

Each year the World Curling Federation produces an Annual Review that provides an overview of the work the organisation has done throughout a given season.

Annual accounts

The World Curling Federation Annual Accounts to 30 June of each year.

Prevention of competition manipulation

Protecting our clean athletes and keeping curling fair is one of the fundamental responsibilities of the World Curling Federation. Learn more and report breaches of integrity to the World Curling Federation here.

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