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Hall of Fame

Induction into the World Curling Federation Hall of Fame is the highest ‘non-playing’ honour that the World Curling Federation can bestow on someone and recognises outstanding contribution to the sport of curling whether through on-ice achievements or off-ice endeavours.

Before 2012, the Federation presented the World Curling Freytag Award to recognise outstanding contribution to the sport. From 2012, inductees into the World Curling Hall of Fame have been presented with the Freytag Medal to mark their induction. The World Curling Freytag Award is a tribute to the late Elmer Freytag of the United States Curling Association, one of the founding members of the Federation.

Previous winners of the Elmer Freytag Award and the World Curling Freytag Award have all been inducted to the World Curling Hall of Fame.

There are two classes of honour:

    • Curler: awarded to athletes who have achieved extraordinary distinction and outstanding results, and have demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship and character, in the sport of curling.
    • Builder: awarded to individuals who have accomplished distinguished service and have made major contributions to the development and advancement of international curling.

World Curling Federation Hall of Fame

2023BuilderKate Caithness CBE, Scotland
2023BuilderJack Lynch, Canada (posthumously)
2023CurlerEwan MacDonald, Scotland
2023CurlerPeter Smith, Scotland
2023CurlerBill Strum, United States (posthumously)
2022Curler(s)Jan Betker, Joan McCusker and Marcia Gudereit, Canada
2022CurlerIan Tetley, Canada
2022BuilderPeter Becker, New Zealand
2021Curler(s)Anette Norberg, Eva Lund, Cathrine Lindahl and Anna Maria Svard (Le Moine), Sweden
2021CurlerBernard “Bernie” Leslie Sparkes, Canada
2021BuilderJohannes Arthur Jensen, Denmark
2020Curler(s)Elisabet Gustafson, Katarina Nyberg, Louise Marmont and Elisabeth Persson, Sweden
2020BuilderGordon Craig, Canada
2020BuilderLeif Öhman, Sweden
2019BuilderIan Michael Thomson, Scotland
2019BuilderMichael Burns, Sr., Canada (posthumously)
2019CurlerDordi Nordby, Norway
2018BuilderShorty Jenkins, Canada (posthumously)
2018BuilderElmer Freytag, United States (posthumously)
2018BuilderYoung C. Kim, Korea
2018CurlerKevin Martin, Canada
2017Curler(s)Ernie, Arnold, Garnet and Wes Richardson, Canada
2016BuilderFranco Zumofen, Italy
2016CurlerElisabeth Högström, Sweden
2016BuilderWarren Hansen, Canada
2015BuilderRay Turnbull, Canada
2015CurlerRuss Howard, Canada
2015BuilderHiroyuki Saito, Japan
2014CurlerRandy Ferbey, Canada
2014CurlerPatrick Hürlimann, Switzerland
2014CurlerEigil Ramsfjell, Norway
2013CurlerDon Duguid, Canada
2013CurlerRon Northcott, Canada
2012BuilderGünther Hummelt, Austria (posthumously)
2012BuilderJean-Paul Bidaud, Switzerland
2012CurlerElisabet Gustafson, Sweden


World Curling Freytag Award Recipients

2011BuilderRay Kingsmith, Canada (posthumously)
2010BuilderMalcolm Richardson, Scotland
2009CurlerSandra Schmirler, Canada (posthumously)
2008BuilderLeslie Ingram-Brown, Scotland
2007BuilderRoy Sinclair, Scotland
2006BuilderKunio Nando, Japan
2003BuilderBob Whitehead, United States (posthumously)
2002BuilderFranz Tanner, Switzerland
2001BuilderShirley Morash, Canada
CurlerRaymond (Bud) Somerville, United States
2000BuilderBob Hardy, United States
CurlerErnie Richardson, Canada
1997Erwin Sautter, Switzerland
1996Elizabeth Paterson-Brown, Scotland
1994Keith Wendorf, Germany


Elmer Freytag Award Recipients

1990Colin Campbell, Canada (posthumously)
1989Don McKay, United States
1988Kay Sugahara, United States
1987Bob Picken, Canada
1986Art Cobb, United States
1985Don McLeod, Canada
1984Robin Welsh, Scotland
1983Mabel Deware, Canada
1982Sven Eklund, Sweden
1981Doug Maxwell, Canada
1980Bob Grierson, Scotland
1979Chuck Hay, Scotland
1978Ken Watson, Canada



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