Competition and Rules Commission

The role of the Competition and Rules Commission is ensure all competitions and rules are fit for purpose. The Commission also considers proposals for changes submitted to it by Member Associations and the reports from coach and team Leader meetings held at each World Curling Federation championship which suggest changes to improve the game.

The Commission reports to the Board and to the Member Associations during the Annual Congress.

The current members of the Commission are:

Chair, and Vice-President of Pacific-Asia Zone, Hugh Millikin (Australia); Vice-President of Americas Zone, Graham Prouse (Canada); Paul Ahlgren (Sweden); Hans Frauenlob (New Zealand); Susan Kesley (Scotland); Katja Kiiskinen (Finland); Yuhei Kusui (Japan); Danny Lamoureux (Canada); Olga Zharkova (Russia); and World Curling Federation Head of Competitions, Eeva Röthlisberger (Switzerland).

Additionally, President Kate Caithness and Secretary General Colin Grahamslaw have attendance rights.

Vacancies on the Commission are advised to the Member Associations who are invited to submit nominations which are considered by the Board. The Board makes the decision as to who is invited to sit on the Commission based on their experience and knowledge. It also considers the gender and geographic balance of the Commission.

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