Wheelchair Curling Expert Group

The Wheelchair Curling Expert Group was formed in June 2023 as a sub-group to the Competition and Rules Commission. The main mission of the Expert Group is to discuss and consult areas related to wheelchair curling with the aim of developing and improving wheelchair curling disciplines.

The main areas the Group addresses:

  • Improving of the accommodation accessibility at the wheelchair curling competitions
  • Classification process and classification rules
  • Format of the future wheelchair competitions

The current members of the Group are:

Mark Ideson (Canada)
Rune Lorentsen (Norway)
Peter Narup (Sweden)
Polina Rozkova (Latvia)
Batoyun Uranchimeg (United States)
Lee Young-Hee (Korea), Head of Classification
Eeva Röthlisberger (Switzerland), World Curling Federation Head of Competitions, member of the Competition and Rules Commission
Jiri Snitil (Czech Republic), World Curling Federation Competition and Development Officer

The wheelchair curling community can contact Jiri Snitil with questions and suggestions.