Nominations Committee

Approved by the Annual General Assembly in 2020 the Nominations Committee has the remit of soliciting and reviewing nominations for vacancies on the Board.

It is made up of five members, three elected by the Member Associations, one appointed by the Board and one appointed by the Athlete Commission. The Committee is support by the Secretary General who attends meetings without the right to vote.

The Committee appoints its own Chair and no member of the Committee can stand for the Board whilst serving on the Committee. Both genders will be represented on the Committee.

The initial elections for the Nominations took place in Autumn 2020 with Karen Wauters (LUX) and Amy Nixon (CAN) elected for four year terms and Morten Sogard (NOR) elected for a two year term.

Harri Lill (EST) was appointed as the representative of the Athlete Commission and Hew Chalmers (SCO) was appointed by the Board. Chalmers was subsequently elected as Chair of the Committee.