Athlete Commission

The role of the Athlete Commission is to communicate the interests of high-performance curlers and to act as the collective voice for those curlers. It works in cooperation with the World Curling Federation to achieve its mission.

The Athlete Commission acts as the link between high performance athletes, the Board, the WCF Rules and Competition Commission as well as the IOC Athletes Commission.

In order to be a member of the Athlete Commission the definition of an athlete, according to International Olympic Committee requirements must be met: Any curler who, within the preceding eight years, has represented a Member Association at one of the following sanctioned events:

  • Olympic Winter Games
  • Paralympic Winter Games
  • World Curling Championships (Women, Men, Mixed Doubles and Wheelchair)

The Athlete Commission strives to have diversity among its members. It comprises athletes of both genders and from all curling disciplines – women, men, mixed doubles and wheelchair. It also has representation from across the three World Curling zones – America, Europe and Pacific-Asia.

The current members of the Commission are Skip Nolan Thiessen (Canada), Kim Forge (Australia), Anna Kubeskova (Czech Republic), Patrick McDonald (United States), David Murdoch (Scotland), Jill Officer (Canada), while Cathrine Lindahl (Sweden) is the Board liaison and Vice-Skip.

The Athlete Commission can be contacted by email, [email protected]

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