Sustainability Working Group

As a responsible sports organisation, the World Curling Federation (WCF) fully appreciates the significance of the environmental, social and economic challenges facing society today. We also recognise how these challenges impact on the world of sport and the role the sport community can play in contributing to a more sustainable world.

As a proud member of the Olympic Movement, we join with many other National Olympic Committees, National and International Federations, and the International Olympic Committee, in striving to make a better world through sport. Along with our Olympic Movement partners, and with the support of our Member Associations, we want to play our global role in supporting the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

The World Curling Federation Board confirmed the creation of the Sustainability Working Group (SWG) in February 2023. The working group’s responsibility is to propose strategies, policies, rules and recommendations that empower the World Curling Federation and its Member Associations to implement sustainability best practices and actions in alignment with the Federation’s strategic commitments and goals.

The SWG consists of a minimum of six Board appointed members including subject matter experts. Additional to these, the SWG is chaired by a Board member, with a second member of the Board also appointed. The SWG is supported by a member of staff, and may invite additional staff as required. Additionally, the Secretary General has the right to attend but not vote on any matters that require a vote.

The Sustainability Working Group consists of the following members:

Chair: Kim Forge (Australia – Board)
Ogawa Toyo (Japan – Board)
Bardocz-Bencsik Mariann (Hungary – Staff)
Gill Amatt (Scotland – Staff)
Bruce Crawford (Scotland)
Vera Kalocsai-van Dorp (Netherlands)
Kiss Zsolt (Hungary)
Heather Mair (Canada)
Meng Wu (China)

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