Mexico women promoted to the Pan Continental Championships 2023 A-Division

© WCF / Logan Hannigan-Downs 2023

© WCF / Logan Hannigan-Downs 2023

Teams from the Kazakhstan Curling, Floor Curling & Petanque Federation have withdrawn from a number of World Curling events at the start of the season due to travel difficulties.

Both the women’s and the men’s team have withdrawn from the Pan Continental Curling Championships 2023, taking place from 29 October to 4 November in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

The withdrawal of the Kazakh women’s team means that Mexico women—the second-ranked team at the Pan Continental Championships B-Division last year—are being promoted to the A-Division of this year’s competition.

The promotion of the Mexico women’s team means that Philippines women will compete in the B-Division.

The withdrawal of the Kazakh men’s team means that Philippines men will compete in the B-Division.

It will be the first-ever appearance of Philippines teams at a World Curling event.

The Kazakh team have also withdrawn from the World Wheelchair-B Curling Championship 2023, taking place in Lohja, Finland, from 5–10 November. As this is an open-entry event and no Member Association is on the waitlist, the Kazakh withdrawal means that one less team will take part in the competition.

The updated playing schedules will soon be available on the events’ pages on our website.

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26 September 2023
Pan Continental Curling Championships 2023
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