World Curling announce new members at Annual General Assembly

World Curling Congress

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At the conclusion of the 12th World Curling Congress, the World Curling Federation is delighted to announce three new Member Associations, Pakistan, Philippines and Puerto Rico, increasing the total number of members to 73.

Both the Philippines and Puerto Rico join the World Curling Federation directly as Provisional Members, while Pakistan join as a Conditional Member.

Also, during the Annual Assembly, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Thailand progressed from Conditional Membership to Provisional Membership.

Constitutional Amendments

During the Annual General Assembly, the membership voted to make several constitutional amendments.

Firstly, Proxy Voting was amended to allow Member Associations to allocate their votes when only some of the delegation is in attendance.

Secondly, following the suggestions from the DEI Working Group, the language in the Federation’s Constitution will be altered to include Gender Inclusive Language.

Finally, the Zonal requirements for Vice-Presidents was removed from the Constitution.

Annual Review Publication

The Annual Review for the 2022-2023 season was published on Friday 15 September and is available to download here.

Congress 2024

It was announced during the Annual General Assembly, that the 13th World Curling Congress will be held in Montreal, Canada from 5 – 7 September 2024.

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Seoul, Korea

15 September 2023
Annual General Assembly