Kenya Curling Federation junior men’s team will not compete at the WJBCC 2022-2023

On Friday (9 December) the World Curling Federation representatives were informed by the Kenya Curling Federation President, that the junior men’s team will not arrive to compete at the World Junior-B Curling Championships 2022-2023.

Rule C9 (e)(i) will be applied: “A team does not start (DNS) – If the draw cannot be re-worked, the team is listed last with the comment ‘DNS’.

All teams will receive a win against Kenya. Teams will still have to play their Last Stone Draw (LSD) stones for that game as changing the Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) at this late stage would have a major, and unfair, influence on the competition. Teams set to play against Kenya will complete their normal pre-game practice, followed by the two LSD stones.

These teams will be given 30 minutes practice at the start of the scheduled game time with their allocated stones only. As the teams which had a bye before Kenya was officially designated as DNS were only given practice with their game stones, the same will apply for the remaining teams yet to face Kenya.

Lohja, Finland

9 December 2022
World Junior-B Curling Championships