World-Class Veggies!

Chef Tom Forsberg and Niklas Edin © WCF / Ansis Ventins

When it comes to food, the Swedish teams at the Le Gruyère AOP European Curling Championships have been enjoying special treatment.

They have become the latest Swedish athletes to become involved in ‘World-Class Veggies’, an initiative that shows them how to eat for better performance, using vegetarian dishes and recipes.

The initiative is a collaboration between the Swedish Olympic Committee and the Swedish office of the World Wide Fund for Nature Inc. (WWF), the world’s leading conservation organisation, funded by Sweden’s Postcode Lottery.

Basically, the project encourages athletes to eat better and, with the programme being based on vegetarian food, that also means a food regime that is kinder to the planet.

As part of the project, the Swedish teams have had their meals specially prepared all week by chef Tom Forsberg, who is letting them experience professionally prepared vegetarian options.

WWF Project Officer Therese Waatz was also in town, and she explained, “The aim of the project is to break down myths about vegetarian food and exercise. We have developed a cookbook, a ‘bible’ of recipes that are adapted for athletes and which are also planet-friendly, with a low carbon footprint. We need to decrease meat consumption and this area is super important for athletes because they eat a lot.”

The project has been running for four years now, with various groups of elite Swedish athletes, and Therese explains, “We have found with this project that a lot of athletes report that they can recuperate faster with vegetarian food.”

Therese also said, “From a WWF point of view, this gives us a chance to talk to athletes, which we don’t normally do, and, in return, we give them the knowledge of how to eat for the planet.”

In this age of conservation concerns, this project could be said to be providing real food for thought, in more ways than one.

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Oestersund, Sweden

23 November 2022
European Curling Championships 2022
Le Gruyère AOP