Canada’s Einarson claims Pan Continental bronze

Canada's Briane Harris © WCF / Howard Lao

Canada won the women’s bronze medals at the first-ever Pan Continental Curling Championships, held in the Winsport Event Centre, Calgary, Canada, with a 7-5 victory over the United States.

In Sunday afternoon’s game, the United States opened the scoring in the first end when their skip Tabatha Peterson drew her final stone inside two Canadian stones already sitting in the house, for one point.

In the second end, Canada’s skip Kerri Einarson played a nose-hit to score two points and take a 2-1 lead. Then, in the third end, United States tied the score at 2-2 when their skip Tabitha Peterson could only score one point, as her final stone feathered a guard on the way into the house.

© WCF / Howard Lao

Canada took the lead again in the fourth end, when Einarson played at tap-out and stay for two points and 4-2.

After blanking the fifth end, the Americans came back into it when Peterson had a simple draw to score two points and level the game at 4-4. But Canada took the lead again in the seventh, with a raise take-out of an American stone by skip Einarson, to score two points and re-take the lead, at 6-4.

Canada’s Kerri Einarson © WCF / Howard Lao

In the eighth end, United States skip Peterson played a well-judged draw inside three Canadian stones already sitting in the four-foot ring, to score one and maintain Canada’s lead, at 6-5.

Canada scored a single point in the ninth end when Einarson played a controlled take-out of an American stone, extending her team’s lead to 7-5. This proved to be enough for the win, with the United States conceding the game before completing the tenth end.

After the game, Canada skip Kerri Einarson said, “After yesterday’s disappointing loss – we played so well for that entire game, so to lose like that was tough – to come and play like we did today, just shows that we don’t quit. We scored a deuce early and then scored a couple more, so that helped.”

Speaking about the new Championship, she said, “It’s been unbelievable. It’s so different playing all these different countries that we don’t normally play, and everyone’s so friendly. It’s been a great week.”

Women’s bronze medal winners: Canada: Kerri Einarson (skip), Val Sweeting (third), Shannon Birchard (second), Briane Harris (lead), Rachel Brown (alternate) and Reid Carruthers (coach).

Calgary, Canada

6 November 2022