Friday afternoon update from the men’s B-Division

Team France © WCF / Ansis Ventins

France have won their way to the B-Division semi-finals, with a tight 6-5 win over Ireland. They now face Finland in the semi-finals.

In the other qualification game, Latvia were 12-8 winners over Wales, and they now go on to face Netherlands in the other semi-final.

Meanwhile, in the relegation games, Belgium have maintained their place in the B-Division, following their 10-2 play-off win against Ukraine.

The Ukrainians now go into a second relegation battle against Estonia who were 5-4 winners over Slovenia in an extra-end battle.

This result means that Slovenia are relegated to next season’s C-Division. The winner of the Ukraine-Estonia game will stay in next season’s B-Division, while the losers go to the C-Division.

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25 November 2022
European Curling Championships 2022
Le Gruyère AOP
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