Registration now open for World Curling Academy Virtual Fitness Workshop Series

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World Curling Academy will organise a three-part workshop series for athletes and coaches to gain tips to improve fitness for curling during the off-ice season.

The workshops will be led by Stephanie Thompson, Kinesiologist and strength coach. She has worked with hundreds of competitive curlers across the world on- and off the ice helping them move better and play better.

The three workshops will focus on three distinct areas: cardio for curling; balance and power; and better brushing. The workshops will take place on three consecutive Sundays, on 11 and 25 June and 9 July, all starting at 19:00 (CEST).


The “Better Brushing” virtual workshop will take place on 11 June. It will focus on the physical demands of how to be a better brusher off the ice in order to have the strength and confidence to make on-ice adjustments easier. For this workshop, participants will need a curling broom, a chair, a resistance band, small-medium weight (cans of soup, water bottle, or backpack with books also work) and optionally, a dryland brushing pad.

The “Balance and Power in the Delivery” virtual workshop will be held on 25 June. During the workshop Stephanie will share the latest research around how to be the most efficient and effective mover, in order to have better balance, more control and power, and less pain in the delivery. Participants will need a block, a small stool or rolled up towel, a wall, a chair/bench or couch and small-medium weight (cans of soup, water bottle or backpack with books also work).

The “Cardio for Curling” virtual workshop will take place on 9 July and will focus on how to improve one’s cardio for curling to be able to work hard, recover fast and maintain energy and focus throughout an entire game. All participants need are a timer, space to sit and stand and a wall.

Active participation is recommended but not mandatory.

Target groups

Coaches, athletes of all levels and parents can all take part in this workshop series. Newcomers, who are ready to take their curling technique to the next level can benefit from the workshop as much as coaches. Advanced curlers who are looking for that edge over competition and to ensure they haven’t gained any bad habits can also profit from participation.

The cost of participation is $USD 15 per workshop or $40 USD for all three.

After registration on the World Curling Academy website,  you can sign up for the workshops on the links below:

Better Brushing

Balance and Power in the Delivery

Cardio for Curling


Visit Stephanie Thompson’s website and get to know her work on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Listen to her podcast and get in touch with her via email.

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Perth, Scotland

14 March 2023
World Curling Academy