Men’s semi-finals confirmed at Pan Continental

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The men’s seven-game round robin of the Pan Continental is now concluded and the margins between three of the four teams qualifying for the semi-finals could hardly be closer.

Meanwhile, the battle for the fifth spot overall – to grab the last qualifying place for the BKT Tires & OK Tire World Men’s Championship 2023, in Ottawa, Canada – went down to Friday afternoon’s round-robin game.

The top three ranking teams – Canada, United States and Korea – all finished with the same six wins and one loss record. They had each managed to beat one of their opponents and with that head-to-head unable to separate the teams, the rankings went down to the cumulative Draw Shot Challenge results. Canada ended up top, United States ranked second and Korea were third.

Fourth and fifth places

Behind the top three, Japan and New Zealand were tied for the fourth play-off place, each with three wins and four losses, but in this case, Japan’s 9-5 win over the New Zealanders put them through to the semi-finals. Meanwhile, New Zealand finished in fifth place, securing the last available slot for the world championship.

These results now mean that table-toppers Canada, who finished their round-robin with an 11-3 win over Chinese Taipei, face fourth-placed Japan in one semi-final.

The other semi-final will be between second-ranked United States, who beat Brazil by 9-3 in their concluding round-robin game and third-placed Korea, who were 9-4 winners over Australia in their last round-robin game.

Chinese Taipei and Australia were tied on a two wins and five loss record. Chinese Taipei ranked sixth, over seventh-placed Australia, because of their 9-4 win in the head-to-head between the two.  However, both of these teams stay in the A-Division for next season.

At the foot of the table, Brazil, without a win, are now relegated to next season’s B-Division.

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Calgary, Canada

5 November 2022
Pan Continental Curling Championships 2022