Camps and Courses

Visit to register for any of upcoming camps and courses. Information about each can be found below:

World Curling Junior Camp

The Junior Camp is open for Junior Curlers between 13 and 20 years of age.

Depending on the group level, the instruction will cover on and off-ice topics such as delivery analysis and development, team communication, strategy, training drills, sweeping, ice reading, stone matching and mental preparation.

During the six-day camp the campers will also do some side activities that can include mini-golf, bobsled and fitness.

World Curling Adult Camp

This camp is for any adult curler, who has played curling for at least one year and who wants to improve their curling skills (delivery, skills, strategy, etc.).

Top international instructors, assisted by top athletes, run the camp.

Whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced curler, you can benefit from the relaxed learning environment in a top-class facility while meeting other curlers from around the world. 

Business of Curling

The Business of Curling programme is designed to help member associations and their curling clubs understand the business they are in. The most successful clubs are thriving because they have adapted to the current trends, developing new policies and procedures that meet the needs and wants of today’s society.

Can your club benefit from hosting a Business of Curling Symposium?

How you answer these questions will help you determine if your Association or Club should host a Business of Curling Symposium.

  • Is your club membership growing? How many members do you have?
  • What is the breakdown of male and female members?
  • Do you have a junior program, how many members? How many senior members?
  • What is your volunteer base?
  • Do you have a sponsorship package and how successful are you at attracting sponsors?
  • How would you describe your curling club operations?
  • Does your club have short term/long term planning documents?
  • How does your club communicate with your members?
  • If you were to identify the top three challenges facing your club today, what would they be?
  • Are there any pending issues that need immediate attention? (May include financial, membership, facility problems)

Your Business of Curling Agenda could include the following subjects:

  • Where are you today?
  • Leagues and corporate bookings
  • Attract, grow and retain your membership
  • World Curling Federation Programmes – DAP, CEP, OCT, PCF
  • Volunteers, recruitment, retention and recognition
  • Social media
  • Off the Record – Q & A
  • Board development, terms of reference
  • Managing your club – transitioning from an arena to a dedicated facility
  • Ice Making – curling stones
  • Hosting national and international championships