Curling timing training

Instruction for timekeeping volunteers using the World Curling Federation’s licensed software, CurlTime, for international events.

CurlTime is available free to Member Associations for domestic and national events. CurlTime can be downloaded at

It is assumed the volunteers have a basic knowledge of the game. If they do not, then they should first receive some instruction on how the game is played and the terms used.

It is recommended that the instructor first explains the basic idea of Thinking Time.

Each team has a fixed amount of time to decide their strategy and to prepare to play their shots, and the timekeeper is required to allocate this. The time taken after the shot is played is not counted, so when any stone is in motion, a team’s clock should not be running.

Time should then be spent explaining the controls for the timing system being used before showing part one of the video.

The full training document to accompany these videos can be downloaded from this page.

Part one

This is to be used as a tutorial to show nine common actions with which a timer should be familiar.

A sub-title describes each action. The sub-title is in English, but is short so that it can be translated to a local language if required.

A time clock display graphic is used in each illustration.

Part two

This takes the form of a two end game between the Red Team and the Blue Team.

The film is intended for use as either a guide to further instruction, where a tutor can talk through a game, or as an aid for volunteers to gain practice before an event.

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