Wheelchair Sportsmanship Award

For the World Curling Federation’s Wheelchair Sportsmanship Award all participants are invited to nominate a fellow competitor who, in their view, has best exemplified the traditional values of skill, honesty, fair play, sportsmanship and friendship during a world championship. The award is presented at the closing ceremony. Players cannot vote for a fellow team member.

Year Awardee Country
2019 Rune Lorentsen Norway
2017 Konstantin Kurokhtin Russia
2016 Christiane Putzich Germany
2015 Mina Mojtahedi Finland
2013 Jalle Jungnell* Sweden
2012 Hak Sung Kim Korea
2011 Aileen Neilsen Scotland
2009 Anette Wilhelm Sweden
2008 Gabrielle Dallapiccola Italy
2007 Augusto J. Perez United States
2005 Jalle Jungnell* Sweden
2004 Loren Kinny United States
2003 Jalle Jungnell* Sweden
2002 Frank Duffy Scotland
* denotes two time winner