Broadcast schedule for the LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2023

Switzerland's Briar Schwaller-Huerlimann © WCF / Celine Stucki

The World Curling Federation will provide coverage of all games from the LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 in Sandviken, Sweden. The event will run from 18 until 26 March 2023.

World Curling TV will broadcast a selection of games from the event. The schedule of games below will be broadcast on The Curling Channel, Eurosport, as well as channels in Canada, China, Japan, Korea, Poland, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland.

In addition to the fully produced games, all games will be livestreamed on The Curling Channel with or without commentary.

The playing schedule of the championship is available here.

Watch live games and replays on The Curling Channel in partnership with Recast.

All times are CET (Central European Time) which is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) +1 hour, except for 26 March, when it is (UTC) +2 hours (Central European Summer Time).

GameSessionDateTime UTC+1Channel
Switzerland v United States1Saturday 18 March14:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
 Korea v Norway1Saturday 18 March14:00JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
New Zealand v Sweden1Saturday 18 March14:00SVT1 SVT2 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Denmark v Japan1Saturday 18 March14:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Switzerland v Japan2Saturday 18 March19:00NHK (Japan), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Canada v Sweden2Saturday 18 March19:00TSN 1 (Canada), SVT 24 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
United States v Canada3Sunday 19 March9:00TSN 3 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Italy v Korea3Sunday 19 March9:00JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Denmark v Korea4Sunday 19 March14:00JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Sweden v Switzerland4Sunday 19 March14:00SVT1 SVT2 (Sweden), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Canada v Norway5Sunday 19 March19:00TSN 3 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Japan v Scotland5Sunday 19 March19:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Türkiye v Switzerland5Sunday 19 March19:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
United States v Japan6Monday 20 March9:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Canada v Italy6Monday 20 March9:00TSN 1 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Norway v Denmark7Monday 20 March14:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Switzerland v Germany7Monday 20 March14:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Sweden v Türkiye7Monday 20 March14:00SVT Play (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Italy v New Zealand8Monday 20 March19:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Japan v Norway8Monday 20 March19:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Scotland v Canada8Monday 20 March19:00TSN1/3 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Germany v Sweden9Tuesday 21 March9:00Kunskapskanal (Sweden), Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Canada v Switzerland10Tuesday 21 March14:00TSN1/4 (Canada), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Japan v Türkiye10Tuesday 21 March14:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Sweden v Japan11Tuesday 21 March19:00NHK (Japan), SVT24 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
New Zealand v Canada11Tuesday 21 March19:00TSN1/4 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Italy v Scotland11Tuesday 21 March19:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Türkiye v Korea12Wednesday 22 March9:00JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Norway v Sweden12Wednesday 22 March9:00Kunskapskanal (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Switzerland v New Zealand12Wednesday 22 March9:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Canada v Germany13Wednesday 22 March14:00TSN 1 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Japan v Italy13Wednesday 22 March14:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Italy v Switzerland14Wednesday 22 March19:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), Eurosport, CCTV (China)
United States v Sweden14Wednesday 22 March19:00SVT2/SVT24 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Korea v Canada14Wednesday 22 March19:00TSN 1 (Canada), JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Norway v Switzerland15Thursday 23 March9:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Japan v Korea15Thursday 23 March9:00NHK (Japan), JTBC (Korea), CCTV (China)
Sweden v Scotland15Thursday 23 March9:00Kunskapskanal (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Canada v Japan16Thursday 23 March14:00NHK (Japan), TSN 1/5 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Korea v Sweden17Thursday 23 March19:00JTBC (Korea), SVT 24 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Switzerland v Denmark17Thursday 23 March19:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Germany v United States17Thursday 23 March19:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Japan v Germany18Friday 24 March9:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Switzerland v Scotland18Friday 24 March9:00SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Türkiye v Canada18Friday 24 March9:00TSN 1 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Denmark v Canada19Friday 24 March14:00TSn 1/4 (Canada), CCTV (China)
Sweden v Italy19Friday 24 March14:00SVT1 (Sweden), CCTV (China)
New Zealand v Japan19Friday 24 March14:00NHK (Japan), CCTV (China)
Sweden v Denmark20Friday 24 March19:00SVT play (Sweden), CCTV (China)
Norway v Germany20Friday 24 March19:00Eurosport, CCTV (China)
Korea v Switzerland20Friday 24 March19:00JTBC (Korea), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), CCTV (China)
Qualification Game 1: 3rd v 6thSaturday 25 March10:00CCTV (China) and more to be confirmed
Qualification Game 2: 4th v 5thSaturday 25 March10:00CCTV (China) and more to be confirmed
Semi-final 1Saturday 25 March16:00Polsat (Poland), CCTV (China) and more to be confirmed
Semi-final 2Saturday 25 March16:00Polsat (Poland), CCTV (China) and more to be confirmed
Bronze medal gameSunday 26 March10:00TSN 1/3 (Canada), JTBC (Korea), SVT 1 (Sweden), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), Polsat (Poland), CCTV (China)
Gold medal gameSunday 26 March15:00TSN 1/3/5 (Canada), JTBC (Korea), SVT 1 (Sweden), SRF/RTS/RSI (Switzerland), Polsat (Poland), CCTV (China)

Broadcasters are subject to change. Geo-blocking may apply to broadcast games due to broadcast partner agreements.

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Sandviken, Sweden

16 March 2023
LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2023