World Academy of Sport Scholarship applications now open

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Applications are now open for World Academy of Sport (WAoS) scholarships through their partnership with the World Curling Federation.

The partnership between WAoS and the World Curling Federation provides our Member Associations with greater opportunities to learn new skills to help them improve their professional careers and the curling community around them.

WAoS’ fully online International Federation Education Pathway Programme is from high school to postgraduate education with some of the world’s leading international education institutions. From the last two intakes, there are 88 students in the postgraduate programme representing 24 sports and 41 nationalities. The list of current students — including 11 curlers — can be found here.

The “Global Sport Industry” scholarship programme encompasses two different education products.

  • WAoS is offering one full scholarship and 10, 25% scholarships to World Curling Federation for the Postgraduate Certificate, International Sports Management developed and delivered in conjunction with the University of London. The value of the full scholarship is £3,857 and the 25% scholarships are £964.25 each. [Sales tax will apply for students studying from the following countries: Australia (10%), Bahrain (10%), India (18%), Japan (10%), New Zealand (15%), Oman (5%), Saudi Arabia (15%), Singapore (7%), Spain (21%), South Korea (10%), UAE (5%), USA (Pennsylvania residents only 6–8%).]
  • 100 WAoS Athlete Certificate scholarships for each of our Member Associations, with a total value of $40 USD per scholarship.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship for the Postgraduate Certificate International Sports Management (PG Cert), applicants should:

  1. Have an existing undergraduate degree (eg. bachelor) or a minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience and professional references.
  2. An English language level of IELTS: at least 6.5 overall, with 6.0 in the written test or other equivalent proficiency certification.

Important dates

13 June 2022: Scholarship and UOL Application Submission Opens

7 August 2022: Scholarship and UOL Application Submission Deadline

15 August 2022: Tuition payment deadline (if applicable)

Interested individuals can apply directly on this link.

Should applicants have any questions, they can also contact WAoS via email.

Member Association Next Steps

  1. Send out the communication to stakeholders (athletes, staff, volunteers, clubs, etc.). This can be done through various methods including website news, newsletters, social media channels, meetings/forums, etc.
  2. Potential students can apply through the link above.
  3. WAoS will work directly with the students to expedite registration.
  4. You may also refer scholarship applicants that were not selected within this process to visit the WAoS Education Pathway website to register themselves independently.
    Alternatively, they can contact WAoS directly by email at: [email protected]

WAoS will provide students who have been accepted with a voucher code for tuition payment. For the 25% scholarship recipients, either the student or their sponsor will need to make the full payment arrangement for the remainder of the tuition fees prior to the final deadline. Students cannot begin the course unless that full payment has been received through the University of London portal by the given deadline.

Please note that the log-in codes for the WAoS Athlete Certificates need to be redeemed prior to 31 December 2022. Athletes can still complete the course after that date, but the log-in codes need to be registered prior to this deadline.

Members wishing to participate will be provided with one voucher code that can be redeemed up to 100 times prior to its expiry date. Athletes simply need to insert the voucher code and enrol on the course once they have completed their registration details.

Please send your request to participate in the Athlete Certificate scholarship programme to: [email protected]

At the World Curling Federation, we highly encourage you to take advantage of this initiative.

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Perth, Scotland

22 June 2022