Sweden return to winning ways in Las Vegas

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Defending world champions and recently-crowned Olympic champions, Sweden, returned to winning ways with an 11-4 victory over Denmark in Monday morning’s sixth round-robin session of the LGT World Men’s Curling Championship 2022.

In the two other games of this session, Czech Republic beat Norway by 7-4 while Germany were 11-4 winners over Finland.

Denmark versus Sweden

Sweden had lost their last two games when they came onto the ice to play Denmark in this session.

In the second end, with Denmark leading by 1-0, Swedish skip Niklas Edin found himself with an open hit to score four points for a 4-1 lead.

Denmark blanked the next end then, in the fourth, their skip Tobias Thune played an angle-raise to score two points and reduce Sweden’s lead to 4-3.

However, Sweden stayed in control after this, and when they scored five in the eighth end, Denmark conceded, with a final score of 11-4 to the Swedes.

After this welcome win, a relieved Edin said, “We definitely need some wins now. I don’t think we deserved those losses yesterday but after getting them, now we need some wins, especially if we want to reach the 1-2 spot. We need to not lose any more games, so it felt good to win and we played a little bit better too.”

Czech Republic versus Norway

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In the game between Czech Republic and Norway, the Czechs led by 2-0 when, in the third end, Norway’s skip Magnus Ramsfjell played a hit for one point into a busy house to reduce the Czech lead to 2-1.

In the next end, Czech skip Lukas Klima played a perfectly-judged draw inside a collection of stones to score one point and increase his team’s lead to 3-1.

In the seventh end, with the score tied at 3-3, Klima once again produced a precise draw onto the button to score one point and take a 4-3 lead.

Later, in the ninth end, with the game now tied at 4-4, Klima played a hit on a Norway stone to score three points. Czech Republic then ran Norway out of stones in the tenth end, when Klima was left with an open hit of a Norway stone in the four-foot ring, and securing the 7-4 win.

After the game, Klima said, “That was a great game, both teams played really solid curling. There were no easy misses, all points were earned, not given. I really enjoyed myself there. That was finally a good game for us, and we will continue like that.”

Germany versus Finland

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In the third game of the session, Germany faced Finland.

In the fourth end, with the score tied at 2-2, Germany’s skip Sixten Totzek played a hit on a Finnish stone to score two points and move into a 4-2 lead.

In the next end, Finland’s skip Kalle Kiiskinen played a gentle hit to score one point and reduce Germany’s lead to 4-3.

After this, Germany scored two points in each of the fourth, sixth and eighth ends on their way to an 11-4 win.

Speaking later, Germany’s Totzek said, “The scoreboard was just… one to them, two to us, we had a pretty controlled game. It’s really hard against the Finnish guys because they’re pretty good with draw wait and they make every shot perfect, but we managed it really well. My team is playing great, and I feel good playing with a team like this.”

This result puts Germany into a clear second place on the rankings behind unbeaten Canada, who sat out this session.

Session six results: Czech Republic 7-4 Norway; Denmark 4-11 Sweden; Germany 11-4 Finland.

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Las Vegas, United States

4 April 2022
LGT World Men's