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World Curling Academy’s free online course, Introduction to Wheelchair Curling, has been launched.

This course provides information, guidelines, and direction on how to get started with wheelchair curling from the perspective of curlers, coaches, and supporters.

By the end of this course, you should be equipped to:

– be more prepared to support, lead or participate in an inclusive, accessible and safe curling experience for wheelchair curlers;

– know about the necessary equipment to safely participate in wheelchair curling;

– lead an effective warm-up and cool-down for wheelchair curlers;

– have a basic understanding of how to deliver a curling stone;

– apply basic technical and tactical skills in a novice setting.

Scott Arnold, World Curling Federation Head of Development, said: “The World Curling Academy had planned on hosting an online course about wheelchair curling and that has now been made possible with the financial support of the International Paralympic Committee.

“Utilising funding from the IPC 2021 Covid-19 Grant Support Initiative, the course will be offered for free on the World Curling Academy platform. I hope this course becomes the starting point for future wheelchair athletes and coaches and it helps to continue the growth of wheelchair curling worldwide.”

The World Curling Academy would like to thank Curling Canada and specifically Dr. Mick Lizmore, Curling Canada National Wheelchair Coach, and Wendy Morgan, Curling Canada Wheelchair Programme Manager, for their contribution to the content of the course.

We must also acknowledge the others who have contributed to the course, including Mark Ideson and Collinda Joseph (Canada National Team athletes), Dr. Tim Konoval (Deakin University, Australia), Dr. Tiago Duarte (University of Ottawa, Canada), Sheila Swan (British Curling Paralympic Head Coach), Sari Shatil (PT MSc, Team Canada Wheelchair Curling Physiotherapist) and Kristen Henshaw (BHSc, PTA).

This course is dedicated to World Curling Federation President Kate Caithness.

Her dedication to the sport of wheelchair curling is unrivalled and her leadership has allowed the sport to flourish in the Paralympic movement.

The course was made possible with the generous financial support from the International Paralympic Committee’s 2021 COVID-19 Grant Support Initiative.

Got interested in the course? Watch our 2-minute guide to wheelchair curling and sign up for the course today.

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27 February 2022
Wheelchair Curling
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