World Curling to trial No-Tick Zone rule at World Championships

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The World Curling Federation board met on Sunday (13 February) to discuss the Maximising the Value workgroup proposals set to be trialled at the BKT Tires & OK Tire World Women’s Curling Championship 2022 in Prince George, Canada and the LGT World Men’s Curling Championship 2022 in Las Vegas, United States.

After listening to the concerns and feedback from our key stakeholders — which included engaging in consultation with the athletes and a number of World Curling commissions — it has been determined that the No-Tick Zone rule will be the only proposed rule trialled at these championships.

No-Tick Zone Rule Details

  • The No-Tick Zone applies to any stone in the free guard zone touching the centre line while the free guard zone rule is in effect
  • If an opponent’s stone is moved from the No-Tick Zone while the free guard zone rule is in effect, it is treated in the same manner as a violation of the free guard zone rule
  • A stone residing in the No-Tick Zone while the free guard zone rule is in effect may be touched and moved by an opponent’s stone, so long as it remains touching the centre line in the free guard zone when it comes to rest
  • If the two skips are unable to agree whether a stone is in the No-Tick Zone, the umpire will be called upon to make the determination using the same tool used to determine whether a stone is over the hog line

Additional Trial Rule Proposals

The Federation will now actively seek opportunities to trial the remaining two rules — Thinking Time Per End and No Extra End in Round Robin — during ten-end events in order to gather a greater volume of data regarding their impact on the game.

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Perth, Scotland

17 February 2022
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