OQE 2021 Broadcast Schedule

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World Curling TV will be producing a selection of games from the OQE 2021 taking place in Leeuwarden, Netherlands for our broadcasting partners around the world. These games will comprise the mixed doubles, men’s and women’s events.

Live streaming for the event will be exclusively on The Curling Channel in partnership with Recast.

All times are Central European Time (CET) which is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) +1 hour and Eastern Standard Time (EST) +6 hours.

Mixed Doubles

The following games will be broadcast throughout the mixed doubles event.

Sunday 5 December

16:00 Estonia v United States

Monday 6 December

14:30 Denmark v Russia (Match TV Russia)
Estonia v Japan and Finland v United States

Tuesday 7 December

12:30 Latvia v United States and Japan v New Zealand
Russia v Australia (Match TV Russia)
United States v New Zealand

Wednesday 8 December

10:00 Germany v Russia (Match TV Russia)
United States v Korea and Finland v Japan
Turkey v Russia (Match TV Russia)

Thursday 9 December

9:00  — Play-off session one
1stA v winner of B2/A3 (Eurosport and Olympic Channel)
1stB v winner of A2/B3

Men’s & Women’s

The following games will be broadcast throughout the team events.

Round robin 

Saturday 11 December

9:00 (Women) Japan v Italy (NHK Japan)
14:00 (Men)
Germany v Japan and Netherlands v Denmark (NHK Japan and Ziggo Sports Netherlands)
19:00 (Women)
Germany v Japan (NHK Japan)

Sunday 12 December

9:00 (Men) Japan v Denmark (NHK Japan)
14:00 (Women)
Japan v Czech Republic (NHK Japan)
19:00 (Men)
Norway v Japan and Germany v Netherlands (NHK Japan and Ziggo Sports Netherlands)

Monday 13 December

9:00 (Women)Scotland v Korea (MBC Korea)
14:00 (Men)
Netherlands v Czech Republic and Japan v Korea (MBC Korea)
(Women)Scotland v Japan (NHK Japan)

Tuesday 14 December

9:00 (Men) — Netherlands v Italy (Ziggo Sports Netherlands)
14:00 (Women)
Japan v Latvia (NHK Japan)
(Men)Czech Republic v Japan and Netherlands v Finland (NHK Japan and Ziggo Sports Netherlands)

Wednesday 15 December 

9:00 (Women) — Korea v Japan (NHK Japan, MBC Korea)
(Men) — Japan v Netherlands (NHK Japan, Ziggo Sports Netherlands)
(Women) — Japan v Estonia (NHK Japan)

Thursday 16 December 

9:00 (Men) — Norway v Netherlands and Italy v Japan (Ziggo Sports Netherlands and NHK Japan)
(Women) — Turkey v Japan (NHK Japan)
(Men) — Korea v Netherlands and Japan v Finland (Ziggo Sports Netherlands and NHK Japan)


Friday 17 December 

10:00 (Women) — W2 v W3 (NHK Japan, TSN Canada)
(Men) — M2 v M3 (NHK Japan, TSN Canada)

Saturday 18 December 

10:00 (Women) — W4 v loser of W2/W3 (NHK Japan, TSN Canada)

15:00 (Men) — M4 v loser of M2/M3 (NHK Japan, TSN Canada)

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Leeuwarden, Netherlands

3 December 2021
Olympic qualification
Olympic Winter Games
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