World Team Rankings points system re-opening and review

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The World Curling Federation World Team Ranking List Committee met recently to discuss the re-opening of the World Curling Federation World Team Rankings points system.

The Committee consists of Colin Grahamslaw (World Curling Federation Secretary General), Hew Chalmers (World Curling Federation Board), Nolan Thiessen, David Murdoch (Athlete Commission), Pierre Charette (Grand Slam of Curling), Paul Ahlgren (World Curling Federation Results Manager) and Gerry Geurts (Information Technology/Data Service Provider).

During the discussion the following ideas being considered on how to re-open the season.

  1. The Canadian border being open to vaccinated travellers is a requirement for the ranking to re-open, as the balance of events are played in Canada. This is important to maintain a balanced allocation of points and availability to all teams.
  2. Given the recent announcement by the Canadian Government, the current target date for re-opening is 7 September 2021. Events prior to 7 September will not count towards this season’s points rankings. Should more restrictive rules be introduced for international travel this will be reconsidered.
  3. Teams would start the 2021–2021 season with 50% of the points from the point where the season ended in 2019–2020. This allows the top standings to be set but allow more value to be applied quickly for teams climbing the rankings. On 1 January 2022, this points total would be decreased to 25% of previous points, then to 0% later in the season.
  4. Team will be limited to two counting results from the 7 September to 31 October, then two further results up to the end of December 2021. Eight counting results will then be available from 1 January 2022
  5. It is intended that a full review of the ranking system will take place over this coming season with, the intention of a new system being implemented for next season and the new Olympic cycle. Several options are under consideration to find a system that rewards players appropriately at all levels and recognises the value of the different levels of events that are staged across the world.

The Committee invites input from players and coaches that can be considered as part of that review.

Submissions should be sent to [email protected] by 31 December 2021.

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Perth, Scotland

9 August 2021
World Team Rankings