Canada make it three in a row at LGT World Women’s

Canada's Kerri Einarson © WCF / Steve Seixeiro

Canada have rebounded from their difficult start to the LGT World Women’s Curling Championship with three wins in a row, with the latest coming in an extra-end victory over Scotland in Tuesday’s evening session.

Scotland opened the scoring with two points in the first end, then extended their lead with a tough runback for a single point in the third end.

Canada blanked the next two ends to trail Scotland 1-3 at the break.

The game changed in the eighth end, when Scotland’s Eve Muirhead faced four Canada shot stones as she went to throw her last. Muirhead could only clear one with her take-out attempt, giving up a steal of three points, and giving Canada a 5-3 lead.

Scotland scored a single point in the ninth end, then stole a single point in the tenth end after Canada skip, Kerri Einarson was wide on her open takeout attempt and clipped the Scottish shot stone further into the house, taking the game to an extra end.

In that extra end, Einarson played a precise take-out with her final stone to score the one point they needed for the win.

“Still kicking! And we desperately needed it,” said Einarson after the game. “We came out and we played, even the first few ends, like we had them. And they made some really great shots and kept the pressure on us. We turned the table in eight and made some really clutch shots and they got unfortunate on a couple of runbacks and we capitalised on those mistakes.”

Italy exceeding expectations

Team Italy © WCF / Steve Seixeiro

Italy faced Estonia in the evening session and despite conceding a score of three points in the second end, controlled the rest of the game.

After giving up the three points, Italy went on to score two points in the third end, then steal two points in the fourth end and a single point in the fifth end.

A further score of one point in the seventh end, then a steal of one point in the eighth end gave Italy an 8-5 lead. A final steal of three points in the ninth end sealed the game, 11-5 giving Italy their second win.

“Our game was tight at the beginning, they scored three but we kept working. The strategy was just to play our game. We’re happy because we kept the momentum up,” said Italian skip Stefania Constantini. “We are really happy; we are proud of ourselves. Our first goal as a new team was to win one game. So, the second win is something extra.”

Elsewhere in the session, United States picked up their second win of the day when they defeated China 6-3. United States opened the scoring with two points in the first end and never lost the lead from that point on.

In the session’s final game, Switzerland defeated Czech Republic 9-1 in just six ends after blanking the first two ends.

Switzerland opened the scoring with two points in the third end, then stole four points in the fourth end and then stole three points in the fifth end. Czech Republic put a single point on the board in the sixth end before conceding.

Session 15 results: Scotland 5-6 Canada; Czech Republic 1-9 Switzerland; China 3-6 United States; Estonia 5-11 Italy.

Standings after session 15 (W-L):

RCF 8-0
Switzerland 7-1
Sweden 6-1
United States 6-3
Scotland 5-3
China 4-4
Canada 4-5
Denmark 3-4
Germany 3-5
Korea 3-5
Japan 2-5
Czech Republic 2-6
Italy 2-7
Estonia 1-7

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5 May 2021
LGT World Women's