New members appointed to World Curling Governance Commission

The World Curling Federation is pleased to confirm two new appointments to its Governance Commission at the conclusion of a nomination process.

The newly appointed members of the Governance Commission are Alison Arthur (England) and Sergio Mitsuo Vilela (Brazil).

The role of the Commission is to review and monitor the Governance of the World Curling Federation. In addition to tasks generated from within the Commission, it may also receive requests from the Board and from Member Associations to look at certain areas of the governance of the sport. It may also take on the role of an Ethics Commission when required under the World Curling Code of Ethics.

The commission members are:

Chair Bent Ramsfjell (Norway); Alison Arthur (England); Gregor Rigler (Slovenia); Jennifer Stannard (United States); and Sergio Mitsuo Vilela (Brazil). The organisation’s Secretary General, Colin Grahamslaw, acts as advisor to the Commission.

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Perth, Scotland

6 April 2021
Governance Commission