Court of Arbitration of Sport Decision regarding Russian Competitors

Following the Court of Arbitration of Sport’s decision on 17 December 2020 to uphold the two-year World Anti-Doping Agency ban on the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, the impact on the teams competing at the world championships in the 2020–2021 season is as follows:

  • The teams that have qualified for the world championships will be known by the acronym “RCF” in all official records and communications
  • There will be no Russian flag displayed at the world championships. Instead, the Russian Curling Federation logo will be used in its place, either without text or using the “RCF” acronym.
  • Uniforms will not be adorned with the Russian flag or the word Russia and will instead be adorned with the Russian Curling Federation logo and the acronym “RCF”
  • Should any RCF team win a medal at these championships, the Russian national anthem will not be used. An alternative is being prepared across all sports

In the 2020–2021 season, RCF has qualified for the BKT Tires & OK Tire World Men’s Curling Championship 2021, The LGT World Women’s Curling Championship 2021, The World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2021 and the postponed World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2021, taking place in the autumn.

Perth, Scotland

25 March 2021