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Turkey's National Team teach local children how to curl © Turkish Curling Federation

© Turkish Curling Federation


Submitted by Utku Yalcin

We left behind a tough year in 2020. Now it’s time to embrace the year 2021. Whatever we couldn’t do due to COVID-19 last year, we want to do it all in 2021. The primary goal of all our athletes is to go to the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

Not all preparations will be on the ice, it is very important to prepare mentally off the ice. That’s why we decided to welcome the year 2021 with a nice social project. Our national team athletes curled with children living in the “Yolboyu” village of Kars, the coldest city in Turkey, on the frozen river last week.

We drew a curling house on the frozen river, we played curling with real stones and brooms with the kids. Our best National athletes and their coach visited the children, played curling with them and gave them lots of gifts. We shared their joy and gave them a big surprise. The happiness we left in the eyes of those children as we left the region was the best indicator of starting 2021 for us. We can now prepare on ice.

Curling Canada

Submitted by Al Cameron

One might think that there’s not much to do in a small town in the far north of Canada. But for the youth of Inuvik, a town of 3,000 people in the far reaches of the Northwest Territories, the thing keeping them from curling was that they had too many other options.

“There are numerous things for the kids to do here. We knew that if curling was at 6 p.m., and basketball was at 6 p.m., we probably wouldn’t get them on the ice,” said Nick Saturnino, president of the Inuvik Curling Centre.

He knew that offering one typical Sunday afternoon junior curling session wasn’t going to cut it. Instead, Saturnino looked at the free ice time in the club’s schedule and made it available to youth curlers, who are welcome to show up as often as they like.

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Submitted by Raju P.N.

The Curling Federation of India is delighted and excited to have received India’s first on-ice curling equipment through the World Curling Federation’s Development Assistance Programme. The Curling Federation of India is committed to growing the sport throughout India and developing athletes/teams that can represent India at international competitions. The on-ice equipment will go a long way in helping the Federation in achieving those goals.

The Federation is planning various workshops, training camps, and competitions once the COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed and it’s safe for athletes to participate. The Federation is planning a week-long festival of curling near New Delhi in late-spring/early-summer, which will include India’s first training camp for junior and adult participants from around the country and will culminate in an on-ice national competition for various age categories. The training camps and competition will be led by Indian curlers living and playing overseas.

While the availability of ice is currently limited, the Federation is working hard to partner with various skating rinks around the country to organise on-ice events. The Federation is also hopeful of getting access to several outdoor facilities in India’s northern states where full-length curling sheets can be set up for 2-3 months during the winter. 

Rock Solid Production Inc. 

Submitted by Kat Tepylo

With indoor gatherings limited or prohibited in much of North America, people are embracing outdoor activities even during the cold winter months — and we’re making curling a big part of it!

Businesses, organisations, and communities have been loving Street Curling as an engaging outdoor activity that draws people in with its uniqueness. To grow the sport, unique introductions to the game are needed. Rock Solid Productions is proud to continue to share the sport of curling with the world during the pandemic, offering engaging ways to experience it.

The New York Times profiled how Bryant Park in New York City has transformed outdoor space into an activity hub with five Street Curling rinks and igloos. Along with being a good time, the rinks are also generating revenue for Bryant Park. It’s a win-win scenario for all involved, including the sport of curling!

Igloos and Iceless Curling: How New York Hopes to Fight Off a Grim Winter:

New Zealand

Submitted by Liz Matthews

A two-sheet dedicated curling rink is being built adjacent to an outdoor artificial ice rink, which is on track to be up and running for the start of the New Zealand curling season, in May. Pipework is going in next week, while the World Curling Federation provided some of the seed funding and an anonymous donor has provided funding for a concrete floor.

Barring any return to lockdown, New Zealand is ready to start the 2021 season beginning with the New Zealand Mixed in Auckland 5–7 June and then the New Zealand Men’s and Women’s championships will be in Naseby 10–13 June.

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Perth, Scotland

1 February 2021
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