Throw Like A Pro Challenge

We have a new challenge for you, curling fans. Can you throw like a pro?

Send us a video of your attempt at this shot by Jennifer Jones during the final of the World Women’s Curling Championship 2018. Be sure to tag @worldcurling and using the hashtag #ThrowLikeAPro on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

We understand that not everybody has access to ice right now, so this competition is open to on-ice and off-ice attempts, meaning you can get creative.

Two winners (one on-ice and one off-ice) will be announced by Jill Officer on 26 November and will receive a World Curling prize in the mail. The winning videos will also be shared across World Curling Federation social media channels.
Stone placement prior to the shot

The deadline to post your video is Monday 23 November.

Engage with the World Curling Federation on TwitterInstagram, Facebook and Weibo and by searching the hashtag #OurHouse #curling #ThrowLikeAPro

Perth, Scotland

9 November 2020