Polish Curling Association Membership Suspended

At the World Curling Annual General Assembly on Sunday (6 September) the Polish Curling Association was officially suspended as a Membership Association of the World Curling Federation.

The Polish Curling Association were initially suspended by the World Curling Federation Board on Friday 31 January 2020 after a three-year process where they were considered to be in breach of the World Curling Federation’s Constitution, specifically section “bringing the sport into disrepute.”.

This decision was ratified by an overwhelming majority vote by the Member Associations on Sunday afternoon.

With this suspension, no curling team representing Poland can enter any World Curling Federation events, no official representative can attend meetings organised by the Federation and no Development Assistance Programme funding will be made available to the Polish Curling Association until the suspension is lifted.

The suspension of a Member can only be lifted by a majority vote by the Member Associations in a General Assembly.

The next World Curling Federation General Assembly is scheduled to be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in September 2021.

Perth, Scotland

7 September 2020
Annual General Assembly
Member Association