World Curling announce new Anti-Doping Rules for 2021

The World Curling Federation is pleased to publish the World Curling Anti-Doping Rules 2021 which will come into effect on 1 January 2021, in accordance with the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code.

The Code and the Rules affect everyone in our sport, including athletes and their support personnel, such as coaches or physios and Member Associations.

Each Member Association shall adopt these Anti-Doping Rules as effective to govern the conduct of all Curlers, and other Persons participating or claiming the right to participate in the national and international curling activities of the World Curling Members.

Some of the changes introduced in the 2021 Code and the 2021 Rules are:

  • To assist in the “fight against doping” as committed to, by the World Curling Federation, the anti-doping rules have been amended to include a stronger emphasis on education around anti-doping.
  • A new Anti-Doping Rule Violation has been added to protect those sharing information on doping in sport (whistleblowing). It will become an offence to either discourage the reporting of information or to retaliate against an individual for doing so
  • Bans can be increased by an additional two years where “aggravating circumstances” occur (e.g. the use of multiple prohibited substances)
  • Engaging in fraudulent conduct (e.g. submitting falsified documents) following an alleged Anti-Doping Rule Violation will be treated as a separate offence and a further consecutive ban can be applied
  • Substances of Abuse: Shorter bans can be given for a certain group of substances when their use is out-of-competition and unrelated to sports performance. There is also an emphasis on athlete welfare. A further reduction in the length of ban may be available if a treatment programme is completed

Over the coming months, the World Curling Federation will be releasing further information and resources on the significant changes introduced by the new Code, and the support that will be available to athletes, athlete support personnel and Member Associations. This information will be available on our #CurlClean section of our website here.

The current World Curling Anti-Doping Rules 2016 v6.1.2, which were last updated in April 2020, remain in force until the end of 2020. You can find the current Anti-Doping Rules here.

You can follow the anti-doping educational work of the World Curling Federation on TwitterInstagram, Facebook and Weibo and by searching the hashtag #CurlClean

Perth, Scotland

11 September 2020