Member Spotlight: Curlers in the community

© Adriana Camarena


From Adriana Camarena, Mexian Curling Federation

My name is Adriana Camarena and I’m a curler with the Mexican Curling Federation. I live in San Francisco California in the neighbourhood of the Mission District, which is a traditional working class Latinx residential community. 

Here, the numbers for COVID-19 have been relatively well contained compared to other parts of the world and the USA, but the numbers showed that the Latinx population was disproportionately impacted by the virus. This is because many of them are essential workers.

In order to help out my immediate community I’ve done the following things:

Undocumasks: I started a mask-making project that I call “Undocumasks” on Facebook. If someone makes a donation of $25-50 USD to Undocufund SF or another fund supporting undocumented communities during the crisis, I send them a home-sewn mask. So far, I’ve raised over $1000!

Outreach team with Latino COVID-19 task force: I joined the Latino COVID-19 outreach team and went knocking door to door in the public housing buildings of the neighbourhood to encourage Latinx neighboors to come out and get tested so we could understand why, when, where, how the virus was spreading in our community. 

Mission Food Hub: On Saturdays and Tuesdays, I put on my best mask and gloves and go bag and box food at the Mission Food Hub which is a new effort to get healthy and good food out to the working class Latinx families who are sheltered in place and are struggling in these times.


© Valentin Ortiz

From Josep Garcia, Andorra Curling Association

“Hi, my name is Valentin Ortiz. I’m a member of the Andorra Curling Association and

an engineer. I’m not a healthcare worker but I, like many others, thought there was a way to help people who are not able to stay home, and we wanted to protect them.

As an engineer, I have a hobby making things with a 3D printer at home. So, following the maker movement around the world we’ve made a group of printers, engineers, designers and general people who want to help those in need. We’ve done all of this without requesting or accepting any money. We only accept materials to keep our supply chain going. 

Ten days ago we were all strangers, now we have a network for printing, disinfecting and delivering the materials. We are doing everything we can do to service this little country.

We’ve served material to police, local traffic police, hospitals, medics, nurses, firefighters, home food delivery, Red Cross and businesses who have contacted us for assistance.



From Ekaterina Galkina, Russian Curling Federation

We have a noble example of people’s kindness and willingness to help from Kaliningrad. The director of the Kaliningrad Sports School, Veronika Fedorova, alongside curler Alina Zakharova, who is studying at the Medical Institute of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, are volunteering to help handicapped, elderly people and families with many children delivering food and items of basic necessity.

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Perth, Scotland

22 May 2020
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