Building a modern curling facility guide released

The World Curling Federation, with assistance from its Technical Commission has developed and published a guide to aid its Member Associations in building modern dedicated curling facilities.

The guide, available here, includes technical specifications for each aspect of the project and includes a list of equipment required by ice technicians in their maintenance of the facility.

Along with the guide, three case studies of recently successful dedicated ice facility projects — Turku, Finland; Uppsala, Sweden; and Zemst, Belgium — have been included to showcase the variety available and costs involved in undertaking a project of this scale.

World Curling Federation President, Kate Caithness, said: “We are delighted to be able to launch this guide to building dedicated curling facilities to our Member Associations. The World Curling Federation’s Technical Commission has done outstanding work in developing and realising this guide, which I believe will be the first step in encouraging the creation of many dedicated curling facilities around the world in particular for our new Member Associations.”

Chair of the Technical Commission and World Curling Federation Board Member, Toyo Ogawa, added: “It is a great pleasure to launch this guide from the Technical Commission. My hope is that this guide and the case studies will be valuable tools in the development of new dedicated curling facilities.”

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Perth, Scotland

21 April 2020
Curling Ice
Dedicated Facility
Technical Commission