Hosts Switzerland, Hungary, Germany and Japan pick up first wins in Champery

Team Germany at the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020, Lausanne, Switzerland © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

Day one of the Youth Olympic Games wrapped up Friday night (10 January) at the Champery Curling Arena with session three action. All 24 nations have now played one game, with Switzerland, Hungary, Germany and Japan earning wins to end the inaugural day.

Group B

Group B took to the ice for the first time of the competition, with hosts, Switzerland facing China. The Swiss had a 4-1 lead after four ends of play. Both teams traded single points until the eighth end, when Switzerland ran China out of stones to win 5-3.

“It was just amazing,” said Switzerland’s lead, Malin Da Ros. You know, like they were cheering and I’ve never had such a crowd behind me when I was sweeping. So it was just pushing me a lot. We had a good start into the game, we had just a few misses, so that was a good first performance, but more to come.”

Hosts, Switzerland at the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020, Lausanne, Switzerland © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

Next, Denmark played Hungary. After a blank in the first end, Hungary took three points in the second end followed by a steal in the third end to advance 4-0. Denmark then put two points on the board, but Hungary defended their lead with another score of two. Hungary won 6-2.

In the final Group B game, Brazil met Germany. The Germans controlled the game, stealing eight points in three ends to win 15-1.

Germany’s second, Johannes Scheuerl commented on the win, “We played a really good game. We’ve got everything under our control and we had a lot of fun. The first game is always different from the other games, but with this crowd, a lot of fans from Germany, our team played really good today.”

Group D

To round out Group D play, Japan played Sweden. Japan scored two points with the last stone advantage in both the first and third end, while forcing their opponent to a single point in the second and fourth ends. Three points in the seventh end gave the Japanese the edge they required to win 7-4.

Session three results:

Switzerland 5-3 People’s Republic of China; Denmark 2-6 Hungary; Brazil 1-15 Germany; Japan 7-4 Sweden


Group B
Germany 1-0
Hungary 1-0
Switzerland 1-0
Brazil 0-1
People’s Republic of China 0-1
Denmark 0-1

Group D
Czech Republic 1-0
Italy 1-0
Japan 1-0
Latvia 0-1
Sweden 0-1
United States 0-1

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Lausanne, Switzerland

10 January 2020