Mixed doubles teams set for round of 24 at Lausanne 2020

Nathan Young and Laura Nagy © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

Day two of mixed doubles play at the Youth Olympic Games continued with the Round of 48 on Sunday (19 January) in Champery, Switzerland.

A total of 48 teams were placed together following the mixed competition, with one female and one male player from different National Olympic Committees. These teams were based on the athletes’ position within their team and their nation’s overall position at the end of the mixed competition.

The competition is a single knock out event with three sessions a day until Wednesday (22 January) when the medal games take place.

Mixed Doubles action © WCF / © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

In session four China/Turkey started by beating Spain/Switzerland. Hungary/Canada combo won over Sweden/Denmark while Great Britain/Czech Republic were winners against Slovenia/Germany. Finally, Korea/Poland overcame United States/Italy.

Session five saw Czech Republic/Sweden take down Norway/Brazil, then Denmark/Great Britain beat Japan/Estonia. Russia/Latvia won against Turkey/Korea and Poland/China beat New Zealand/France.

In the final session of the day, Latvia/Japan won against Italy/Slovenia. Estonia/Russia came back from a 4-0 deficit to beat Switzerland/Hungary while Canada/Spain had a major comeback of their own against Brazil/New Zealand. The duo made of Emily Deschenes and Oriol Jimenez Gasto fought from a 9-1 score to win 10-9. France/Norway stole in the final end to beat Germany/United States.

Session four reactions

Laura Nagy (HUN) and Nathan Young (CAN) after 11-5 win against Lisa Norrlander (SWE) and Kilian Thune (DEN)

Nathan Young: “You know, you’re literally thrown together at the Youth Olympic Games with somebody from a different country and it’s really unique. I think we’re a totally different team than we were in the first end, as you’re developing that routine and that flows as the game goes on. And if you’re lucky enough to get through your first game, like we are, you bring that momentum forward.”

Robyn Mitchell (GBR) and Frantisek Jiral (CZE) after 8-5 win against Sara Rigler (SLO) and Benny Kapp (GER)

Jiral Frantisek: “I feel happy because we won. It was a close game, we played bad and the opponent played bad too, so it was a really hard match and I’m happy that we won this. It’s [communication] a little bit hard because we are both shy, so it’s a little bit hard and we have to make our communication better for the next match.”

Session five reactions

Valeriia Denisenko (RUS) and Eduards Seliverstovs (LAT) after 10-3 win against Ifayet Safak Calikusu (TUR) and Sangwoo Park (KOR)

Valeriia Denisenko: “We were leading right from the beginning, we were making mistakes but apparently our opponents made more, so probably that was reflected on the scoreboard. Thanks to my partner, we speak Russian throughout the game.”

Krystina Farkova (CZE) and Axel Landelius (SWE) after 11-6 win against Nora Oestgaard (NOR) and Michael Velve (BRA)

Axel Landelius: “It feels amazing. The game went up and down all the way and the ice was really tough but we managed to come out with a win. It feels super good. It was really easy to talk as both of us can talk really good English, and that helps a lot. We’ve talked a lot on how to play.”

Session six reactions

Erika Bitmete (LAT) and Takumi Maeda (JPN) after 8-6 win against Federica Ghedina (ITA) and Jakob Omerzel (SLO)

Erika Bitmete: “I really enjoyed the game because I enjoyed playing with him. He’s such a good player. I don’t know if I could wish for a better teammate actually. Our communication was even better than I’ve expected, we got on well. I think this line-up was really good. He made his shots, I made my shots.”

Emily Deschenes (CAN) and Oriol Gasto Jimenez (ESP) after 10-9 win against Leticia Cid (BRA) and Hunter Walker (NZL)

Emily Deschenes: “I think we definitely stuck together, it wasn’t looking the greatest at the beginning, but we came together and really battled back, got as many points as we could and it turned out well. The comeback was alive, so I’m very happy right now.”

Latvia and Japan © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

Results session four: ESP/SUI 7-12 CHN/TUR; HUN/CAN 11-5 SWE/DEN; SLO/GER 5-8 GBR/CZE; USA/ITA 7-8 KOR/POL
Results session five: CZE/SWE 11-6 NOR/BRA; DEN/GBR 8-6 JPN/EST; TUR/KOR 3-10 RUS/LAT; POL/CHN 8-2 NZL/FRA
Results session six: LAT/JPN 8-6 ITA/SLO; EST/RUS 6-4 SUI/HUN; BRA/NZL 9-10 CAN/ESP; FRA/NOR 7-5 GER/USA

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Lausanne, Switzerland

19 January 2020