Mixed doubles teams announced for second half of Youth Olympics

Players meet their mixed doubles teammate for the first time © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

Following the medal games from the mixed curling competition, the mixed doubles teams for the second half of the Youth Olympic Games were announced.

A total of 48 teams were placed together, with one female and one male player from different National Olympic Committees. This gives the young athletes a unique chance to compete with curlers from different backgrounds and gain communication skills on and off the ice. Teams were announced by the Athlete Role Models, John Morris and Marlene Albrecht.

John Morris and Marlene Albrecht © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

The mixed doubles competition will begin at 10:00 on Saturday (18 January). The event is a single knock-out, with the medal games being played on Wednesday (22 January) at 13:30. Times are Central European Time (CETwhich is one hour ahead of Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

The teams are determined by the athletes’ position within their team and their nations overall position at the end of the mixed competition. The teams are:

Team 1: (NOR/LAT) Ingeborg Forbregd and Ricards Vonda

Team 2: (NOR/BRA) Nora Oestgaard and Michael Velve

Team 3: (JPN/FRA) Mina Kobayashi and Leo Tuaz

Team 4: (JPN/EST) Momoha Tabata and Romet Maeesalu

Team 5: (RUS/BRA) Alina Fakhurtdinova and Vitor Melo

Team 6: (RUS/LAT) Valeriia Denisenko and Eduards Seliverstovs

Team 7: (NZL/EST) Lucy Neilson and Henry Gruenberg

Team 8: (NZL/FRA) Zoe Harman and Merlin Gros Soubzmaigne

Team 9: (ITA/ESP) Marta La Deserto and Aleix Raubert Rusinol

Team 10: (ITA/SLO) Federica Ghedina and Jakob Omerzel

Team 11: (SUI/USA) Malin Da Ros and Ethan Hebert

Team 12: (SUI/HUN) Xenia Schwaller and Lorinc Tatar

Team 13: (CAN/SLO) Lauren Rajala and Bine Sever

Team 14: (CAN/ESP) Emily Deschenes and Oriol Gasto Jimenez

Team 15: (GER/HUN) Zoe Antes and Kristof Szarvas

Team 16: (GER/USA) Kim Sutor and Charlie Thompson

Team 17: (CHN/CZE) Junhang Pei and Vit Chabicovsky

Team 18: (CHN/TUR) Tong Liu and Selahattin Eser

Team 19: (SWE/POL) Nilla Hallstroem and Dominik Szmidt

Team 20: (SWE/DEN) Lisa Norrlander and Kilian Thune

Team 21: (GBR/TUR) Hannah Farries and Kadir Polat

Team 22: (GBR/CZE) Robyn Mitchell and Frantisek Jiral

Team 23: (KOR/DEN) Jiyoon Kim and Jonathan Vilandt

Team 24: (KOR/POL) Youbeen Park and Robert Kaminski

Team 25: (DEN/GBR) Natalie Wiksten and Ross Craik

Team 26: (DEN/ CHN) Karolina Jensen and Zhixin Zhai

Team 27: (CZE/ SWE) Kristyna Farkova and Axel Landelius

Team 28: (CZE/KOR) Zuzana Prazakova and Siwoo Moon

Team 29: (POL/CHN) Monika Wosinska and Likun Zhang

Team 30: (POL/GBR) Klaudia Szmidt and Jamie Rankin

Team 31: (TUR/KOR) Ifayet Safak Calikusu and Sangwoo Park

Team 32: (TUR/SWE) Berfin Sengul and Olle Moberg

Team 33: (HUN/CAN) Laura Nagy and Nathan Young

Team 34: (HUN/ITA) Linda Joo and Simone Piffer

Team 35: (ESP/SUI) Ana Vazquez Marcos and Jan Iseli

Team 36: (ESP/GER) Carmen Perez Ara and Johannes Scheuerl

Team 37: (USA/ITA) Alina Tschumakow and Francesco De Zanna

Team 38: (USA/CAN) Kaitlin Murphy and Jaedon Neuert

Team 39: (SLO/GER) Sara Rigler and Benny Kapp

Team 40: (SLO/SUI) Liza Gregori and Maximilian Winz

Team 41: (ES/RUS) Katariina Klammer and Mikhail Vlasenko

Team 42: (EST/NOR) Natali Vedro and Lukas Hoestmaelingen

Team 43: (LAT/JPN) Erika Bitmete and Takumi Maeda

Team 44: (LAT/NZL) Anna Lasmane William Becker

Team 45: (FRA/NOR) Maelle Vergnaud and Grunde Buraas

Team 46: (FRA/RUS) Chana Beitone and Nikolai Lysakov

Team 47: (BRA/NZL) Leticia Cid and Hunter Walker

Team 48: (BRA/JPN) Gabriela Rogic Farias and Asei Nakahara

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17 January 2020