Final 12 mixed doubles teams confirmed at Youth Olympics

Natalie Wiksten of Denmark and Great Britain's Craik Ross © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

Action from day three of mixed doubles at the Youth Olympic Games continued with the Round of 24 on Monday (20 January) in Champery, Switzerland. From 48 teams, there are now just 12 teams remaining, with medal hopes on the line.

The teams are composed of one female and one male from different National Olympic Committees, selected based on the final mixed rankings. The competition is a single knock out event with three sessions a day until Wednesday (22 January) when the medal games take place.


In the first session of the Round of 24, Great Britain/Czech Republic beat Korea/Poland. Then Slovenia/Switzerland won in an extra end against United States/Canada and Hungary/Canada beat China/Turkey. Lastly, China/Czech Republic won against Sweden/Poland.

Switzerland’s Maximilian Winz and Slovenia’s Liza Gregori © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

In the afternoon session of the day, Poland/Great Britain defeated Turkey/Sweden while Poland/China won against Russia/Latvia. Japan/France won after a missed final shot from Denmark/China and Czech Republic/Sweden overcame Denmark/Great Britain.

Japan’s Mina Kobayashi and France’s Leo Tuaz celebrate their win © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

In the final session of the day, France/Russia beat Germany/Hungary. France/Norway defeated Canada/Spain and Latvia/New Zealand scored three in the final end to beat Italy/Spain. Lastly, Latvia/Japan held Estonia/Russia to one point in the last end to win.

First session reactions

Laura Nagy (HUN) and Nathan Young (CAN) after 8-4 win against Tong Liu (CHN) and Selahattin Eser (TUR)

Laura Nagy: “It feels really good and I think we are really getting the hang of it and what the other can do. Yesterday by the last couple of ends it was really nicely moving along and I think we got the momentum and we can carry it onwards. Communication is a really big part of mixed doubles and any curling game. Other than that a lot of shots also have to be made.”

Liza Gregori (SLO) and Maximilian Winz (SUI) after 8-6 win against Katie Murphy (USA) and Jaedon Neuert (CAN)

Liza Gregori: I honestly feel overwhelmed and relieved and really, really happy I cannot even express it! I was actually really glad I have a new teammate because I trust him. I was calm because I knew I had a good teammate on my side, it feels good playing with him and I wasn’t that nervous until the last end. I cannot believe [we are moving on], I am so surprised and honoured to play even more games.”

Second session reactions

Klaudia Szmidt (POL) and Jamie Rankin (GBR) after 11-6 win against Berfin Sengul (TUR) and Olle Moberg (SWE)

Jamie Rankin: “It was a really positive game and especially they took their four and we came back with a five that was really promising signs and I think from that point onwards, we had good control over the game. We weren’t making very many mistakes, which was good and we just outplayed our opposition.”

Monika Wosinska (POL) and Likun Zhang (CHN) after 7-3 win against Valeriia Denisenko (RUS) and Eduards Seliverstovs (LAT)

Monika Wosinska: “I think this time we were much more comfortable with the other, I know what he means, he knows what I mean, and in the match before it was difficult. But now it was okay I think. We played a good match I think and the opponent was great too, but he wasn’t lucky as us.”

Third session reactions

Erika Bitmete (LAT) and Takumi Maeda (JPN) after 8-7 win against Katariina Klammer (EST) and Mikhail Vlasenko (RUS)

Takumi Maeda: “In the first half I wasn’t playing very well and wasn’t making the shots, so the opponents were able to get some points on us. But during the half time, the coach came out and told me to pull it together, so I did my best to do that. I’m just really thankful that when we got into the tough situation she was able to pull out a good shot and help out, so I’m really happy for that.”

Maelle Vergnaud (FRA) and Grunde Buraas (NOR) after 8-2 win against Emily Deschenes (CAN) and Oriol Gasto Jimenez (ESP)

Grunde Buraas: “I think we played better today than last day, we just got away from the start and just filled up the house with our rocks and it was just good all the way. When we got the lead I was really confident because we played so well, I didn’t think we could give it away.”

Results first session: GBR/CZE 6-5 KOR/POL; USA/CAN 6-8 SLO/SUI; CHN/TUR 4-8 HUN/CAN; CHN/CZE 12-3 SWE/POL

Results second session: POL/GBR 11-6 TUR/SWE; RUS/LAT 3-7 POL/CHN; DEN/CHN 7-8 JPN/FRA; CZE/SWE 12-6 DEN/GBR

Results third session: FRA/RUS 8-2 GER/HUN; CAN/ESP 2-8 FRA/NOR; ITA/ESP 7-8 LAT/NZL; LAT/JPN 8-7 EST/RUS

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Lausanne, Switzerland

20 January 2020