Japan to face Korea for LGT World Men’s qualification

Japan's Shinya Abe - © WCF / Tom Rowland

Japan will meet Korea in the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships 2019 men’s gold medal game.

Japan beat the hosts, China, 7-5, on Friday afternoon at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China.

The Japan and Korea gold medal game will now be played at 15:00 on Saturday (9 November) – live on World Curling TV and national broadcasters.

China will play New Zealand earlier on Saturday, at 11:00, for bronze medals. These times are China Standard Time, which is eight hours ahead of Universal Coordinated Time.

Clear plan

Japan during the semi-final – © WCF / Tom Rowland

After the game, Japan’s skip, Yuta Matsumura, said, “We had a pretty clear game plan and executed it well. We had a very solid game today so now we’re confident to play in the final.

“We were way more relaxed out there today than we were last year, and we just hope we can keep it together and continue to play to the plan.”

In the first end, Japan’s skip, Matsumura, was able to draw round a Chinese guard and another Chinese counting stone, to secure a scoring position and the first point of the game, 1-0.

China were then the first team to score a two-point end, in the second, when skip Qiang Zou removed Japan’s counting stone. But, in the third end, Japan’s Matsumura instantly responded with a hit of his own for two points. Japan led 3-2 at this stage.

In the fourth end, Japan extended their lead, when China’s Zou missed two promotion shots in an attempt to clear out two Japanese counting stones. These misses handed Japan a steal for two points and a 5-2 lead. Matsumura commented, “This was a really good end for us.”

Hits to win

At the break, following a last stone hit from Zou, China clawed a point back. Japan were then ahead 5-3.

In the next two ends, Japan blanked, before securing another point to extend their lead to 6-3. In that eighth end, China’s Zou hit-and-rolled his last stone in to a possible stealing position. But, once again Matsumura made the hit required to gain another point.

China then came back within one point, of their opponents, 6-5, in the ninth end, when Zou’s sweepers helped him ensure a precise hit for two points. But, Japan secured the victory with one more point from a Matsumura hit, in the tenth end. The game ended 7-5.


Results semi-finals: Korea 10-6 New Zealand; Japan 7-5 China


Standings after semi-finals

GF Korea 10-0

GF Japan 8-1

BF China 7-2

BF New Zealand 6-4

Chinese Taipei 4-4

Australia 3-5

Qatar 3-5

Kazakhstan 2-6

Hong Kong 1-7

Nigeria 0-8


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Shenzhen, China

8 November 2019