WCF announces new green facilities initiative

The World Curling Federation (WCF) is pleased to announce the introduction of a new energy efficiency initiative designed to encourage Member Associations to cut their carbon footprint.

The WCF is offering interest free loans of up to $100,000 US dollars or 50% of the costs involved in the project, to Member Associations who are seeking to improve energy efficiency and the environmental merits of an existing curling facility.

It is hoped that this new initiative will encourage Member Associations around the world to cut energy usage and prevent energy loss, which will not only help the environment but also improve facilities operating costs.

Speaking about the launch of this new support programme, WCF President Kate Caithness said: “This is an excellent opportunity for our Member Associations to help curling facilities improve their environmental impact whilst also improving energy efficiency. We hope that many of our Members will take advantage of this initiative and help be part of the ever increasing drive to protect the environment. In doing so it will obviously serve to reduce the amount of money currently being spent on energy consumption.”

This new green initiative is part of the WCF’s on-going commitment to helping its Members build and maintain curling facilities. In addition to this new green scheme, the WCF also offers a New Facility Loan programme which gives Member Associations the opportunity to receive funding for new curling facilities to the maximum of $50,000 US dollars per curling sheet.

Both facility support programmes require the loans to be repaid over a ten-year period which makes such investment more affordable.

In addition to such assistance, the WCF also offer Member Associations the opportunity to take advantage of a deferred payment scheme to help with the purchase of major pieces of equipment, such as curling stones, ice scrapers and ice plants.

For detailed information and the application requirements for such support, please email [email protected]

Perth, Scotland

16 May 2013