World Curling Federation Annual General Assembly 2011

A special tribute was made at the opening of the World Curling Federation’s Annual General Assembly in Esbjerg, Denmark to the victims of the earthquakes and tsunami that have hit Japan and New Zealand.

WCF President Kate Caithness spoke of the solidarity of the Federation’s member associations with their fellow members from the Japanese and New Zealand Curling Associations and their families and friends. A minute of silence was observed in remembrance of those who have died in these natural disasters.

The next WCF Semi-Annual General Assembly will take place on Friday 9th December 2011 in Moscow, Russia at the time of the European Curling Championships 2011.

Members have approved a move to hold an annual World Curling congress, with the first one being planned for Autumn 2012.

(Photo – WCF Board: Young C Kim, Leif Öhman, Vice President Patrick Hürlimann, Niels Larsen, Colin Grahamslaw, Andy Anderson and Graham Prouse with President Kate Caithness)

Photo courtesy Jasna Plazl/Slovenian Curling Association

Perth, Scotland

4 September 2011