Three of the four play-off places now set

  • Canada win to secure play-off tie-breaker Photo © WCF/Céline Stucki

Only one play-off place remains to be filled after the round-robin session twelve games this afternoon (Thursday 9 March) at the Gangneung Curling Centre, in Gangneung, Republic of Korea.

Canada faced off against a previously undefeated Russia side knowing that only a victory would give them the opportunity of progressing to the play-offs. With that need at the forefront of their minds the Canadians stormed ahead quickly finishing off the Russian side in six ends.

Canada opened the scoring with a steal of three points when Russian skip, Andrey Smirnov’s attempted double-takeout removed one of their own stones to still leave Canada sitting three shot stones. Canada scored a further two points in the third end before stealing a single point in the fourth end for a 6-1 lead at the break.

Canada stole a further three points in the fifth end to put the game beyond Russia who conceded after six ends with the score 9-2.

Norway, fresh from their victory over Canada in the morning’s game played a USA side who had suffered a disappointing result against China. Norway needed a victory to keep their play-off hopes alive and would secure that by defeating USA 6-4.

USA lead 4-2 at the break and were unable to close out Norway who responded in the second half with a score of two points in the fifth end and back-to-back single point steals in the sixth and seventh ends for the win.

Canada and Norway will now repeat their game from the morning session in a tie-breaker for the final play-off spot tomorrow (Friday 10 March) morning at 10.00.

China secured third place in the rankings and a place in the Page 3v4 game tomorrow afternoon when they defeated hosts Korea 5-4 and ended their hope of reaching the play-off stage. With Korea needing two points in the final end to level the game, fourth player, Jong Pan Kim, was forced to play a difficult tap and roll of his own guard stone but was unable to get both stones into the house, scoring one point and giving China their second win of the day.

In the final game of the session Switzerland defeated Germany by a score of 6-3. This result puts both teams on three wins and six losses and means that the teams will need to play a relegation tie-breaker game on Saturday (11 March) to determine the final rankings.

They said it

Mark Ideson; Canada lead (after 9-2 win over Russia): "We feel great. We controlled our own destiny today, we were hoping to pull one out against Norway this morning but that one didn’t go our way, so luckily we had a good game against Russia this afternoon and put ourselves in a position to be in the tie-breaker. I think we learned some things from the game this morning that we’ll try to do differently tomorrow and we’re feeling pretty good so I think we’ve got some wind in our sails going into the tie-breaker.

"We’ve been a little inconsistent but we’re grinding out some wins and we’re sticking together and we’re working through it. We’re a good solid team, a good group of people and that’s really helped us get through the week."

Jostein Stordahl; Norway skip (after 6-4 win over USA): "We are just very happy. We played so well. It's the best game ever I think. We are just lucky. We did worse than we thought we can do because we got silver at the last world championship. We started good then had a few very bad games but we start to climb to the top of our games."

Results session twelve: Germany 3-6 Switzerland; Canada 9-2 Russia; China 5-4 Korea; USA 4-5 Norway.

Standings after session eleven(W-L):

Russia 8-1 (Qualified for the the play-offs)
Scotland 6-3 (Qualified for the play-offs)
China 6-3 (Qualified for the play-offs)
Norway 5-4 (Tie-breaker)
Canada 5-4 (Tie-breaker)
Korea 4-5
USA 3-6
Switzerland 3-6 (Relegation tie-breaker)
Germany 3-6 (Relegation tie-breaker)
Finland 2-7 (Relegated to Wheelchair-B)

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