Scotland climb to second place

  • Scotland move to second in the rankings Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

The Scots finished their session ten (8 March) match with a strong second half against Korea moving them to five wins and three losses.

In their second victory of the day, Scotland headed into the fifth end tied with the Koreans 2-2. Scotland picked up two points in the fifth end, and locked down their lead with a steal of one point in both the sixth and seventh ends. The match concluded 6-2 moving the Koreans down to a four way tie at three wins and four losses with Germany, Norway and USA.

USA had a short day on the ice playing one match that lasted six ends against Switzerland. With another line-up change, the Americans drew for four points in the first end and applied pressure in the second and third ends to snag an early 8-0 lead. Switzerland conceded after six ends of play 10-3.

Russia held on for a last-stone win over Finland 7-6. Russia who previously qualified for the play-off stage in session nine were down 5-1 after the fourth end. The champions proved their patience scoring three points in the fifth end and a match levelling steal of a single point in the sixth end. In the eighth end, Russia already sitting one scoring point had a draw to the eight-foot to seal their two points and claim their eighth straight win.

Russia, Scotland, Canada and China currently top the leader boards with one day of round-robin play remaining (9 March). Results of sessions eleven and twelve will determine play-off qualifiers.

They said it:

Stephen Emt; Third USA (after 10-3 win over Switzerland): “We got off to a quick start [scoring four in the first end]. We jumbled the line-up a bit again. We had a couple of wicks in the first end, and Kirk drew in for four. We just want to keep building for the future – whether that this week or next year. Obviously we would like to be up there at the top of the standings but we got the momentum going right now. I love where we are at and we have two more games tomorrow against quality teams and as long as we keep doing what we’re doing we’re going to be fine. We are going to feed of it [the pressure], we’ve been doing a lot of work mentally over the last couple years with our program and I think we are going to rise to the occasion.”

Andrey Smirnov; Skip Russia (after 7-6 win over Finland): “It was not easy to mentally prepare our motivation because we were already qualified, so the beginning of the game was a bit hard. Play-offs will be like a new tournament. Everything will start from zero and we will try to play from a new beginning.”

Results session ten: Korea 2-6 Scotland; Switzerland 3-10 USA; Finland 6-7 Russia.

Standings after session ten(W-L):

Russia 8-0 (Qualified for the the play-offs)
Scotland 5-3
Canada 4-3
China 4-3
Germany 3-4
Korea 3-4
Norway 3-4
USA 3-4
Finland 2-6
Switzerland 2-6

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