Norway recovers with win over Finland to move up the rankings

  • Norway pick up their third win of the week Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

Defending two-time world champions Russia continued to roll through session six (6 March) as the only undefeated team in the championship, with Canada and China posting wins alongside.

The Norwegians bounced back after a lop-sided loss against Scotland in this afternoon’s session against Finland. Norway opened with a score of two points, followed by a steal of two points and two more single point steals to go up 6-0 at the half-time break. It took one more stolen point in the seventh end for the teams to shake hands with a final score of 8-1.

Norway sits at three wins and two losses and have session seven off tomorrow morning (7 March).

Russia is showing no signs of nerves after another last-stone victory, placing them at the top of the standings with five wins and zero losses. Scotland managed to take the Russians to the last stone despite giving up two three point ends.

Scotland kept the game alive with a draw for one point against three counter stones in the fifth end. Russia – up one point with the hammer in the eighth end did not have to stick around on an open take-out for the 8-7 win. Scotland moves down to three wins and two losses.

China kept the pressure on Switzerland throughout their game, opening with two points and never looking back. Scoring four points in the third end, and stealing in the fourth and fifth end led the Chinese to their second win of the championship with a 10-2 final score.

Canada remains in second place at three wins and one loss with a victory against Germany 8-2. Germany remains low in the rankings with one win and three losses.

They said it:

Rune Lorensten; Norway skip (after 8-1 over Finland): "It was a bad start in this morning’s game [after 13-2 loss to Scotland], and we never recovered. It was one of the worst games ever, I think. Only our lead had a good game there, but we managed to forget everything, talked everything through – and onto the next game. We had to get it out of our system as quickly as possible and get going again. We know we can, we have done it so many times before.”

Results session six: Canada 8-2 Germany; China 10-2 Switzerland; Russia 8-7 Scotland; Norway 8-1 Finland.

Standings after session six(W-L):

Russia 5-0
Canada 3-1
Norway 3-2
Scotland 3-2
Korea 2-2
China 2-3
Finland 2-3
Germany 1-3
USA 1-3
Switzerland 1-4

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