Scotland win three in a row to move into second place

  • Scotland's winning run continues Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

Scotland continued their run of victories by comfortably defeating Norway by a score of 13-2.

Scotland opened the game with a score of five points. After several missed take-outs from Norway left Scotland sitting four shot stones their skip Rune Lorentsen was light with his final stone giving Scottish skip Aileen Neilson an open draw for the five points.

Scotland then stole a single point in the second end before Norway got on the board with a single point in the third end. Scotland took a commanding lead into the break with a score of four points in the fourth end. With Scotland sitting three shot stones, Lorentsen struggled with the draw weight again, this time being too heavy, leaving Neilson an open draw to the button for four points and a 10-1 lead.

Scotland then stole a further three points in the fifth end when Neilson played a precise hit and stay through the port to sit three shot stones. Lorentsen’s attempt to follow suit clipped a Scottish guard and sent his final stone to the edge of the 12-foot.

Norway put a single point score on the board in the sixth end before shaking hands and conceding defeat.

USA picked up their first win of the week over a spirited Finland side. USA surged into an early lead with a single point score in the opening end, followed by a steal of one point in the second end and a further steal of two points in the third end. USA scored a further two points in the fifth end to take a 6-1 lead.

Finland began a fightback with a score of two points in the sixth end. In the seventh end, USA skip, Stephen Emt, with his last stone had to hit and roll against two Finnish shot stones, but was unable to get the roll needed, allowing Finland to steal a single point. USA then ran Finland out of stones in the final end to hold on for their first win of the week.

In the other games of the session, Russia continued their undefeated run with a 7-3 victory over China, while hosts Korea defeated Switzerland 6-4 in a tight game.

They said it

Aileen Neilson; Scotland skip (after 13-2 over Norway): “In the first end, we just made every shot and the Norwegians had some misses and we managed to capitalise on that. If we capitalise on the misses then that’s when you can score a big end, so it really gave us a strong start to the game and we managed to maintain that which is the important thing. You just don’t think of the score lines – you just go into the next end, clean the slate and play the best you can and that’s what we managed to do for the six ends.”

Stephen Emt; USA skip (after 6-4 over Finland): “We always like coming home in the eighth end with hammer. My team did a great job there in the eighth end to set it up, and keep it clean, put a few stones in the house and peel guards. So it worked out perfectly for us. We just have to relax – first three games we were out there and you know, we had a nice team meeting this morning – just the five of us talking about [our first three games]. We believe that we are one of the best teams in the world and we can still win this. Three losses we are still in it – take it one end at a time, one game at a time and believe in ourselves and believe in each other we can do anything we want.”

Results session five: China 3-7 Russia; Scotland 13-2 Norway; USA 6-4 Finland; Switzerland 4-6 Korea.

Standings after session five (W-L):

Russia 4-0
Scotland 3-1
Canada 2-1
Finland 2-2
Korea 2-2
Norway 2-2
Germany 1-2
China 1-3
Switzerland 1-3
USA 1-3

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