Finland record their first win; Switzerland and Norway qualify for the Play-offs

  • Finland skip Markku Karjalainen during their victory over Slovakia Photo © WCF / Ceéline Stucki

Session 8 of the World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2016 in Lucerne, Switzerland saw Finland pick up their first win of the week, both Switzerland and Norway qualify for the play-offs and Germany record another win.

Finland claimed their first win in the competition with an 8-5 victory over Slovakia. Finland opened the scoring with a single point in the first end before Slovakia scored five points over the next three ends to take a 5-1 lead into the break.

Finland drew level after the break with a score of four points in the fifth end, before going on to steal a single point in the sixth and another two points in the seventh end for the win.

Switzerland continued their unbeaten run with a 7-2 victory over Korea. This win guarantees them a place in the play-offs.

After Korea opened the scoring in the first end, Switzerland blanked the second, before scoring a single point in the third end. They would go onto steal three points in the fourth end and another two points in the fifth end. A final score of one point in the seventh end for Switzerland would bring the game to a close when Korea conceded.

Despite Norway losing their first game of the tournament to Russia, they became the second team to qualify for a play-off place.

With both teams intent on keeping the house clean and avoiding any mistakes, Norway blanked the first four ends of the game.

The scoring began in the second half of this game with Russia picking up a single point steal in the fifth end as Norway missed several opportunities to clear a Russian stone from the house.

With the house empty in the sixth end, Norway skip, Rune Lorentsen elected to take a single point to draw the game level. Russia responded with a score of two points in the seventh end, before running Norway out of stones in the final end and holding on for the 3-1 win.

In the session’s final game, Germany recorded their second win of the week when they defeated China 7-4.

Germany took the lead over the first three ends with steals of single points in ends one and two before another steal of two points in the third.

China responded immediately with a score of three points in the fourth end bringing the score to within one point at the break. Both teams traded single points in the next two ends before Germany scored two points in the seventh end to take the win.

They Said It:

Markku Karjalainen; Finland Skip (after defeating Slovakia 8-5 for their first win): "There was a couple of tactical mistakes in the game but it went pretty much according to our plan.

It was important to get a score in the fifth end, whether it was two, three or four. The four was a luxury. We knew that we could come hunting from behind but definitely the four was a nice score to get us going.

I think for the players the win was a good thing for our self-confidence. It makes our next two games must win games, so it’s important to keep going. It’s going to make it interesting in the last couple of games."

Christiane Putzich; Germany Skip (after winning 7-4 against China): "That was a relief. During the game, in the moment, I was very nervous, it was a very big stone on my heart and on my shoulders but now it’s ok.

After China scored their three, there was a lot of pressure. I thought if it’s only one it would be okay, two not great, but three it was hard."

RESULTS Session 8:

Korea 2-7 Switzerland; Norway 1-3 Russia; Slovakia 5-8 Finland; China 4-7 Germany.

STANDINGS after 8 Sessions (W-L):>

Switzerland (6-0)
Norway (6-1)
Russia (5-1)
Korea (4-3)
USA (2-3)
China (2-4)
Germany (2-4)
Slovakia (2-5)
Canada (1-4)
Finland (1-6)