Canada pick up first win; Switzerland and Norway unbeaten runs continue

  • Canada claim their first win against Slovakia Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

Session 7 saw Canada pick up their first win of the week, Switzerland and Norway continue their undefeated run and Korea record another victory.

Canada secured their first victory of the competition against Slovakia with a score of 9-3. Slovakia opened the scoring with a single point in the first end before Canada went on a five point run. They scored a single point in the second end, then stole two points in the third, and single points in the fourth and fifth ends.

Slovakia responded with a score of two points in the sixth end before Canada immediately hit back with a score of four points in the seventh end for the win.

Switzerland and Norway’s undefeated streaks continued.

Switzerland traded single points with the USA in the first two ends before scoring three points in the third end, then stealing a single in the fourth and two points in the fifth end for a 7-1 lead.

The teams traded single points in the next two ends before Switzerland ran the USA out of stones for the 8-2 win.

Norway claimed their victory over Finland by a score of 6-4. Norway took a 4-2 lead into the break but Finland fought back with a single point in the fifth and a steal of one in the sixth end to level the scores.

Norway scored a single point in the seventh, then stole a single point in the eighth end when Finland skip Markku Karjalainen was unable to draw into the house for the point they needed to take the game to an extra end.

In the session’s final game Korea defeated Germany 7-4. After a blanked first end the teams traded two point scores for the next four ends making the score 4-4 after five ends. Korea would then score a single point in the sixth end before stealing two points in the seventh end to claim their win.

They Said It:

Jim Armstrong; Canada Skip (after their 9-3 win against Slovakia): "It’s so nice to get that monkey off our back. We’re not used to losing, we’re certainly not used to stringing them together but we’ve been struggling, there’s no question about that. Really the only difference today was we got a break early and got a two or three point lead. Those conditions are tough to come back from and that’s where we found ourselves the first half of the week and hopefully that’s the way we’ll turn it around the last half.

We’re just not used to struggling either so it’s been a new experience for the team. What we’re seeing is that we’ve got the fortitude to hang in there and grind. Tomorrow’s a new day so we’ll see but I wouldn’t count us out yet."

RESULTS Session 7:

Finland 4-6 Norway; Korea 7-4 Germany; USA 2-8 Switzerland; Slovakia 3-9 Canada.

STANDINGS after 7 sessions (W-L):

Norway (6-0)
Switzerland (5-0)
Russia (4-1)
Korea (4-2)
China (2-3)
USA (2-3)
Slovakia (2-4)
Canada (1-4)
Germany (1-4)
Finland (0-6)