Norway and Russia finish top two; Finland Relegated to B-Championship

  • Norway top the standings after completing their round-robin schedule Photo © WCF / Celine Stucki

Day six (26 February) concluded with session 11 of round-robin play that saw victories for Germany, China, Russia and Canada. This session would also see Finland officially relegated to the B-Championship next season.

In a week where they have struggled for form, Canada went into this session’s game against Norway requiring a win to avoid relegation to the B-Championship next season. They started the game strong with a score of three points in the opening end.

Both teams would then trade two point scores for the next three ends, with the score at the break 5-4 in Canada’s favour. In the fifth end Norway would steal a single point to level the scores before Canada scored two points in the sixth and stole a single point in the seventh which would be enough for the win.

Germany faced Finland in a game that both teams needed to win. On this occasion it would be Germany who took the victory with a score of 8-2. This loss officially means that Finland have been relegated to the B-Championship next season.

Germany opened the scoring with a steal of one point in the first end and a further single point in the third end after Finland blanked the second. Finland would then get on the scoreboard with a single point in the fourth end followed by a steal of one point in the fifth.

Germany responded with a single point in the sixth end before a huge steal of five points in the seventh end for the win.

China faced Switzerland this session and it was China who got off to a strong start. After scoring three points in the first end, they would steal single points in the second and third ends to take a 5-2 lead into the break.

Switzerland tried to get themselves back into the game with single point steals in the fifth and sixth ends to bring the game back within one point, but a score of two points for China in the seventh end was enough to claim the victory.

In the session’s final game Russia faced the USA with the latter still looking to claim that final play-off spot. USA took a 3-2 lead into the break before Russia scored four points in the fifth end. USA responded immediately with four point of their own in the sixth end before Russia picked up a single point in the seventh end to level the game at 7-7.

Russia turned up the pressure in the eighth end and would go on to steal three points for the win.

The results in this session mean that Norway will play Russia in the page play-off 1v2 game and Switzerland will face the fourth placed team in the 3v4 page play-off game. These final standings for the top three teams are determined by each team's DSC after the head to head results lead to a tie.

The final session of round-robin play takes place tomorrow morning at 0900 local time with China v USA and Germany v Canada.

They Said It:

Christiane Putzich; Germany Skip (after 8-2 win over Finland): "I’m very proud and happy. It was a great team effort and it gives us a solid base for us to work on tomorrow.

We’ve had variety in our performances this week, but slowly and step by step we’re getting better and that’s what we’re going to show tomorrow."

Jim Armstrong; Canada Skip (after their 8-5 win over Norway): "We’re going to do all we can now, certainly I’ve never been in this situation, worrying about the bottom up. We’d like to do our best. It was a big win today. We’ve played Rune [Lorentsen, Norway’s skip] many, many times over the years and I believe he’s one of the best strategists we have in our sport. It was a good game.

It’s going to be a big game tomorrow, not just for us but it’s a big game for the Canadian programme, and we’d certainly like to go out on a positive note and salvage what we can from the week."

RESULTS Session 11:

Germany 8-2 Finland; Switzerland 4-7 China; Russia 10-7 USA; Canada 8-5 Norway.

STANDINGS after 11 sessions of play (W-L):

Norway (7-2)
Russia (7-2)
Switzerland (7-2)
Korea (5-4)
USA (5-3)
China (3-5)
Germany (3-5)
Slovakia (3-6)
Canada (2-6)
Finland (2-7)