Korea join Canada and Sweden in securing play-off berths

  • Korea have strong support in North Bay © WCF / Jeffrey Au

Korea’s 9-5 win over Japan in Thursday (22 March) evening’s 17th round-robin session at the Ford World Women’s Curling Championship 2018 in North Bay, Canada, makes them the third team to qualify for the play-off stages, behind leaders Canada and second-placed Sweden.

In their game against Japan, Korea’s Olympic silver medallists opened with a steal of three points. They then consolidated their lead in the seventh end when their skip EunJung Kim played a double takeout on Japan stones to score one point for a 7-4 advantage, on their way to a 9-5 win.

Both Canada and Sweden also played and won in this session, as did United States, with China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Scotland and Switzerland all sitting it out.

Canada beat Italy by 14-6, stealing three points in the fifth end and a further two points in the sixth end, on the way to their eighth-end win. By contrast, Sweden were taken all the way to a single-point steal in an extra end before beating Russia by 8-7. The other game of this session was won by United States, who beat Germany by 7-5 to now share fourth place with their opponents.

With three play-off slots now booked, Russia and United States now share fourth place on the table, ahead of Czech Republic in sixth place. Three teams – China, Japan and Switzerland – now share seventh place while Denmark and Scotland are tied in tenth. Germany join Italy at the foot of the table.

They said it

EunJung Kim; skip, Korea (after 9-5 win over Japan): “As of right now I’m happy that we’ve achieved the goal that we set ourselves and now we’re just going to concentrate on the games that are left. After the first end it was great, but after that we struggled with some individual shots – it wasn’t ends, it was just some shots here and there that we found difficult and that we still have to work on.”

Results after session 17: Germany 5-7 United States; Russia 8-8 Sweden; Korea 9-5 Japan; Canada 14-6 Italy

Standings after session 17

Q Canada 10-0
Q Sweden 10-1
Q Korea 7-3
Russia 6-4
United States 6-4
Czech Republic 5-5
China 4-6
Japan 4-6
Switzerland 4-6
Denmark 3-7
Scotland 3-7
Germany 2-8
Italy 2-9

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