World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship 2011 Day 3

Mixed Doubles Blue Group
Switzerland 4-0
Russia 3-1
Canada 2-2
Denmark 2-2
Slovakia 2-2
England 1-3
Italy 1-3
Norway 1-3

Photo: WCF/Leslie Ingram-Brown

Mixed Doubles Red Group
Sweden 4-0
Finland 3-1
Hungary 3-1
Japan 3-1
Australia 1-3
Estonia 1-3
Korea 1-3
New Zealand 0-4

Mixed Doubles White Group
France 3-1
Czech Republic 3-1
China 2-1
USA 2-1
Scotland 2-2
Spain 2-2
Austria 0-3
Latvia 0-3


Flash Quotes from Players on Day 3

Alina Pätz, Team Switzerland after beating Italy 8-2: “For me, I didn’t play very good, it was not my day, but my partner [Sven Michel] played very good. So it was easy for me because I played the first and the last stone. It’s such a different game than the normal curling because you have to think where you place the stones so it’s more difficult. But I like it. I think you can do more for yourself, you can play the stone, you can sweep, there’s more action. I think in our pool [blue group] it’s very difficult we have a lot of good teams, we are lucky that we’ve won the last three games.”

De Jia Zou, Team China after the won their game against Scotland 7-6: “We are very happy that we won that game. But Scotland was very strong. We were in great danger in that game. We had to step on the gas and really work together to win.”

Zou speaking about what he thinks about mixed doubles: “What I like about mixed doubles is that it is all about what you do, and what your attitude is. It is not at all like the four-man team curling. There’s not that much support when you play with two people – so you really have to work together.”
Xue Li, Team China: “when you are playing with just two people, each person’s individual strength and ability as a player is very very important.”

Sergio Vez, Team Spain after winning their game 9-7 against the Czech Republic “We played better than them, but the ice was not really good. There were lots of picks on the ice, but we managed to deal with the situation better than our opponents, so that’s why we probably won. We face China tomorrow morning and we need to get some rest and relax as we are physically and mentally tired.”

Mihhail Vlassov and Jelizaveta Dmitrijeva, Team Estonia after winning their game 6-5 against New Zealand on a measure for the winning point: “It’s the first game that we have won and we are really really happy. It was a very tough game. We were only ever able to take one point at a time. It proves to all the spectators here that we are not losers and nothing can stop us now!”

Sean Becker, Team New Zealand after the game against Estonia: “We had a couple of measures go against us in that game. We didn’t make the shots when we needed to make them. We missed about three shots for deuces and ended up giving them the chance to steal. We haven’t really been playing very well this tournament, it’s as simple as that. I don’t know why. Some days it works and some days it doesn’t – that’s curling!”

Kalle Kiiskinen, Team Finland after they won their game 8-6 against Korea: “It was a difficult game. We were struggling with our draw weight in the first half of the game, they were putting their rocks in all the right places in the first half, but it was nice to come back in the second half. I really like mixed doubles, I love to play those finesse shots, draws, easy-weight takeouts... it’s even more a team sport than regular curling. It is like there are four second-last rocks in each end and one last one. Because if you miss one shot and the team you are playing against makes theirs, you are immediately in trouble.”